A little update


I just got out of a very bad cough, the ones that wakes you up at night and at times keep you awake until early morning. Work had been hectic so I can’t take a break. Plus, I can’t spend my sick leave days this early. We only  have 6 days of sick leave every year and we’re just on the first few months of the year. After taking medication for 3-4 days, I thought there would never be an end to the incessant coughing. I’m finally better right now and ready to tackle other things, including blogging.

Or I thought so.

My sciatica pain (in the lower back) has come back. I’ve been exercising non-stop since January 1st and have been actually commendable (if I say so myself!) for sticking to my workout schedule, without skipping, without the excuses. Then on the last week of February, the end of my 60 days workout schedule, I broke my back. I am not sure if it was because of too much heavy weight or over exhaustion. Don’t you just hate it when you’re not anywhere your goal and your body already breaks down? It’s frustrating because we all know carrying too much body weight can cause lower back pains and then some exercising to hopefully reduce the weight, when not done properly can trigger back pain too.

I’ve been following the Les Mills Combat, a mixed martial arts routine for cardio because I love boxing, kickboxing and muay Thai and alongside, been doing Chalean Extreme, a resistance training program by Beach Body involving dumbbells.  (I lift heavy.)

I feel so defeated when this happens – it’s like taking one step forward and two steps back. The pain is sharp and agonizing and it doesn’t help that I mostly just sit for long stretches of time at my work. The pain bears down on me when I sit for even a few minutes. Last night, the pain was too much that I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t bend, couldn’t crouch and every movement takes so much effort and heavy breathing to execute. Am I really just in my late 30? More like an 80 year old body.

I’ve done a few stretches to relieve sciatica pain. If you have them too, I found a great video that really helped me.

The pain comes and goes and I dread the feeling that it might really be time to visit the Osteo clinic soon (I go to the Osteopathic Health Center). The sessions are not covered by my insurance and is really not cheap. I used to frequent and Osteopathic Center in Japan before to “repair” my body. I love the feeling of like being born again, with absolutely no pain anywhere.

So, it’s Friday now and I’m awake early because I’m used to it. I always wake up early on my weekends to start exercise early and exercise longer since I don’t have to run to work. Unfortunately, it’s been a week since I haven’t exercised due to the bad cough and sciatica pain. I hate that my schedule is ruined and mostly, I fear of the DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) once I get back to doing it again. And I miss boxing. I miss kicking. I miss sweating. I miss the happy hormones I get from exercising.

That’s a little update about me for now. I’m going to transfer my laptop somewhere I could stand and work on something, like editing photos. Sitting too long and my back pain is at it again.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

we would be sad to leave

Thanks to all who expressed concern over my family’s recent health issues. I appreciate all the warm wishes and suggestions. I suddenly felt having a bunch of friends physically near listening to my woes.


Pristine enjoying sunshine at the park

We love Dubai. I love my work here and unlike when we were living in Japan, my husband is enjoying the zero overtime work culture that’s giving him more time to spend with his family. Our darling daughter is immensely enjoying school, learning and loving a new language she adapted so quickly and making so many friends. I am also thankful of the relaxed immigration rules (at least more relaxed than that of Japan’s) that allowed my mom to live with us.  

Pristine loving the beach so much

We love the sunshine (although sometimes miss the rain), the beautiful beaches and the friendly people around. Life is not perfect here (I don’t want to start with the discomforts) but we are happy and contented. Though we don’t intend to live here forever, I have to be honest, the fast paced life is a little maddening – we planned to be here for three to five years or at least until Pristine completes basic education (grade school).

Now, we are faced whether the span of three to five years should be shortened because of our daughter’s health. After this month, we will be spending a month outside the country. It will be a crucial element in deciding whether to stay or leave permanently because I’ll find out whether she will still have asthma attacks outside of the UAE or just limited to when we are in Dubai.

Despite the heavy heart I have right now, I am still hoping that Pristine’s asthma is temporary and that she’ll not be bothered by it again if we continue to live here.

* She has no history of asthma before and was perfectly ok during our first summer here last year so I am not sure what triggered the asthma attacks now. *

Dubai bye?

We had an emergency situation yesterday in the early hours of the morning. We rushed our girl to the hospital due to a sudden, out of the blue, where did that come from sort of asthma attack that troubles me to no end.

The doctor told me many Dubai residents, as soon as they landed here, are suffering from asthma and other lung problems due to the pollution brought about by construction (the city is basically under construction) and allergens such as molds and mildew that thrive in unseen places because of the abnormally high humidity (up to more than 90% on some days in the peak of summer!) in this country during summer.

The doctor’s diagnosis: the whole place is making my daughter sick. (Last year she was ok, though)

Bluntly I asked, “Should we leave?”

…and without batting an eyelash, the good doctor replied curtly, “That’s actually not a bad advice I can give you (in case the asthma worsens).”