Benja and iPad

Guest posts coming!

As I’m still on vacation and having a bit of difficulty finding the time to sit down to write a full blog post as much as I would like to (as expected), I’ve invited other bloggers to write for me. Thanks to a few who have responded!

I hope you enjoy their posts and follow their blogs too!

My drafts are increasing as well as my frustration that I could not get it uploaded live to share with my readers, if any of you is still left. Anyone? But there are things that are beyond my control, like our unstoppable toddler. Benjamin has become a different creature after we arrived here. I cannot blame him – everything is new in his eyes and everything he want to touch and explore, including dangerous ones!

Once, he knocked on someone’s gate and three dogs barked loudly. ┬áBut instead of running away from the dog, he ran TOWARDS them! The little guy is fearless. He has scratches on both his knees already. I’ve bought band-aids and betadine sprays and put it in the little emergency kit in the diaper bag. I reckon every mom of boys has this!

Honestly, I am exhausted running after him everywhere. When there’s a crowd in a brightly lit place, he will go around everywhere like a wild horse out from the stable. He doesn’t care where he’ll end up and don’t even look back if we are still behind him.

Benja and iPad

The iPad used to entertain him…not anymore! Now he’s like, “What iPad, there a whole wide world to explore out here!”

I’ve seen parents using a leash on their sons and I thought, “no way!!” but right now, I totally know their reason and it has crossed my mind a few times! (not that I’m going to make Benjamin look like a little puppy!)

So yeah, with Pristine in school and no babysitter, it’s only me and my running shoes chasing Benjamin. Sometimes his dad comes to our rescue but Benjamin just hyperventilates when his dad stops him. Moms of little boys, how do/did you survive?