Not pleased with bargain salon trip

The last time I sat down on a salon chair was two years ago. I wish that was a typo. Thank God I am not a boy and I can just allow my hair to reach into unforgivable messy length and just tie it up. It’s the most convenient busy mom hairstyle, you know? Just woke up and no time to shower? Just tie it up. Need to go to the grocery store and no time to comb? Just tie it up!

Well, after two years of tying up, girl got tired and decided to do something with the hay stack.

I bought a salon coupon from a group buying site advertising 90% off with Brazilian Keratin, root color (perfect for my gray hair that needs attention!!), shampoo, haircut, blow dry and manicure. A steal, you say? Yes, in a way.

It stole my precious time because the result was mediocre to say the least. From my experience, it wasn’t only the price that was slashed off 90% but the service too.

It’s a huge and popular salon with like, 20+ chairs inside and but the way they handled the crowd that flocked due to the bargain price sucked. My friend and I had an appointment at 12 noon but was only seated an hour later. There were only half the number of staff needed for all the customers inside. The whole salon reeked of medicine smell and the atmosphere was smoky due to all that hair ironing. Like there was an onion chopping festival inside – we were all teary eyed from the chemicals.

Everything was rushed, the staff were running here and there attending to already mad customers who were made to wait. For every service, there was a different staff assigned. The staff who cut my friend’s hair kept on yawning and stretching, showing he is really exhausted for the day. Result? At the end of her haircut, my poor friend looked like Willy Wonka. (and don’t ask how I looked like – it should be worse than Willy Wonka)

We were there from 12noon to 5pm and despite the dissatisfaction, we decided to go because without taking any lunch beforehand, we were already extremely hungry.

If that was the usual service they gave for full paying customers, I will never go to that salon again. And if you are buying a highly slashed off coupon for your next salon visit, I wish you wouldn’t have the same experience like we did!