Dubai Street Catwalk Fashion Show

Last Saturday was Dubai Street Catwalk fashion show at the Dubai Mall Promenade, just by the fountain. This event is part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Pristine was in high spirits that she is able to take part in the big fashion event Dubai Street Catwalk where 120 models (adults and about 20 children) sashayed down the 120-meter long runway. We did not expect she’ll be able to participate: we were refused registration because we went on the last day and at the last hour after a friend told me about it. There were too many children who registered already that they had to close it. Luckily, one of the organizers thought she was pretty and took her photo and profile.

And (after auditions), she’s in!

Pristine on the huge screen as she starts her walk. She’s representing the children’s clothing brand Gymboree.

Featuring a blend of models from numerous nationalities, “Street Catwalk” featured 40 professional models and 70 amateur models who were all oozing with confidence and in high spirits, right from the youngest model who was three years old.

It’s my first time being this close to models on a fashion show. The organizers gave us seats at the side of the runway so the ladies practically cat walked right before our eyes!

The “Street Catwalk” took place at three different times – 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. I’m proud of my girl for surviving all the shows and smiling till the very end!

Kids Fashion Week, Day 4

Someday, when I’m awfully low
And the world is cold
I will feel aglow
Just thinking of you…

And the way you look tonight…

This is the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”, a song Pristine and I love and I feel it was but appropriate for her look tonight. Never mind that this compliment comes from her own mother but I believe she glowed. She looked so beautiful with her dress.

I was in the audience, standing for more than an hour to secure that perfect place to take photos and video, all in my pregnant glory. What tired feet?

All I could think of was…I wish I could bottle up this beautiful moment.

Kids Fashion Week, Day 3

Continuing the fashion show with Day 3 with theme, Sporty. We’ve been looking forward to this particular day since Pristine is most confident with her dance. She loves this song from Shakira and said she couldn’t wait to dance it on stage.

We’re proud of her for being so brave facing the crowd. Mommy could have never done even half as good!

Kids Fashion Week 2011, Day 1

[nggallery id=3]

There was an audition.

She was asked to walk, pose, sample a dance move.

Then she got in!

Pristine was quite busy during the summer vacation, modeling for an event here in Dubai for four days. Prior to that, they had training to practice walking and one song number for each day of the fashion show.

Here’s a clip of the fashion show, featuring their dance number. Pristine is that little one on the left (at the back)!