Poof! and three days are gone

Was it just last week when I was lounging longer in our bed, reading stories to my 5 year old – at 10 AM? Seven days ago, it was announced that we’ll have THREE days of no work (Sunday-Tuesday) because of the Islamic Holiday Eid al-Adha.

I am not sure of the details of that holiday, can’t tell without peeking at wikipedia but in my terms, in two words, PURE BLISS! I had a great time with my family, got to catch up with mom-daughter time, household chores, reading time, etc! I think companies need to give 3 days of straight vacation time every few months or so. No? Ok, even for working moms exclusively? What do you think?

We took turns in throwing ourselves in the Fatboy Bean Bag but no, I won’t show you a photo of myself melting in bean bag heaven.

Now, I am back at work. On. A. Sunday. (actually resumed working since last Wednesday but never got around to writing a post about it)

The schools and the government sector had their holidays since 2nd December until yesterday (I know, it’s so unfair!!) so I was enjoying the smooth flow of traffic on the roads last week. It’s not all bad traffic day in Dubai but my goodness when the normal work and school week started this morning, everything went back to chaos again. Thankfully, we took another road so none of us got late.

The only thing I am happy about going back to work?


Our internet had been down the whole time (except for a random couple of hours) I was at home. If you got a comment or email from me between Sunday-Tuesday last week, it means I had my miracle internet moment. Otherwise, I was offline. But what about the posts that came up during those days? They were no miracles – just the magic of WordPress auto posting.

Happy Sunday!