A very disturbing case of food poisoning in Dubai

Earlier this week, two young children died due to suspected food poisoning here in Dubai. The two children are siblings and being a parent myself, I can’t imagine the grief, anger and remorse the parents of these young, beautiful children must be feeling. To lose two children at the same time is too difficult to bear. God give them the strength they need right now!

The family ordered food from a Chinese restaurant for dinner and that’s it. That same night, the children and their mom showed food poisoning symptoms: vomitting, low blood pressure and stomach pain. The mom rushed the children to the nearest hospital. The little boy died upon arrival. Mom and daughter were transferred to another hospital, where the little girl died but the mother survived. The grieving father who was in another emirate at the time of the tragedy now questions the treatment and handling of the patients by Dubai Hospital.

This shouldn’t happen to anyone!

How irresponsible and negligent for restaurants not to follow simple, hygienic procedures with regards to food. Hospitals should take proper action and careful attention to food poisoning symptoms. During summer, Dubai is hot and terribly humid – a huge factor for food poisoning cause.

The restaurant involved  should be shut down forever.

The hospital in question should be investigated extensively and if proven that they mishandled the case, should be penalized.  Dubai authorities should take action so this mistake will not be repeated again! Have pity on the bereaved parents who has to go through with the grief and loss for the rest of their lives. Investigators, please think of your children when you handle this case!!

I’ve had a bad experience in Dubai Hospital (the hospital in question). Pristine had fever, around 38C and very weak when I took her there. They did not treat it as “emergency case” even if I told them she has history of febrile convulsion. I waited and waited carrying a very sick child waiting for the doctor. This hospital needs to be checked.