Dubai Fountain video for your viewing pleasure

In case you missed the update to that Dubai fountain post last week pointing to the video of the Dubai fountain posted at my friend’s blog, here’s the video of the dancing Dubai Fountain, taken by my friend Stacey:

Thank you Stacey for taking the video and letting me post this in my blog!

Dubai fountain, finally caught you in action!

After our tour of the big ship and Stacey’s show at 7 pm, we took her ashore to see Dubai at night. In boat/ship lingo, going out of the ship to explore the land is called “going ashore”.  That phrase intruigued me as I always associated “going ashore” to “swimming to shore” from a dinghy boat or something. I know this is just me.

The ship’s crew members would say to each other in the gangway, “Oh, are you going ashore?” or “Did so and so went ashore?”. The scene is interesting to see.

Well, anyway…

We went to Dubai Mall to see the much-talked about fountain in action. I had been waiting for this moment since February when they announced that the fountain will be functional on Valentine’s day but in true Dubai style, it has been postponed so many times.

We weren’t disappointed as we finally saw the spectacular water show that night!


The fountain is dubbed to be the biggest in the world, capable of shooting water sprays of up to 150 meters (500 ft) at times.

It is said that the fountain uses 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment.  More than 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors with 1,000 different water combinations to be displayed during the 20-minute show.


I did not take so much photos while there because I was busy counting the water combinations but lost count somewhere between 789 and 853. Will definitely remember to drink my vitamins and try harder next time. 😛

It was just so fun and awesome to see that I had to see it in my naked eyes rather than through the lens. Stacey, however, took a video of the fountain show. She might post that vid on her blog so watch out!

UPDATE! You can see an exciting video taken by Stacey of the Dubai fountain and posted on her blog!