Delurking day: Come out and say hi!

Apparently, it’s Delurking Day. WHAT?

I know there are more readers of this blog who are quiet. Then there are those who leave comments (thank you very much). I totally get the silent readers. You come to read, liked/disliked what you read but still don’t say anything. I do that too. I lurk at other blogs (mostly because of lack of time to hit the comments button, etc).

But today is Delurking Day, time to come out and say hi.

I would love to interact with my readers so today, just today, I’m requesting my silent readers to leave a comment. Can’t be that hard. Just say, “Hi, I’m (your name) and reading from (your place).” I would love to know where my blog is read!

You could also tell me more about yourself if you like AND how you found my blog.

So if you have not commented on Sandier Pastures ever, why not do it today?