Win an all weather Catalyst Case for iPhone!

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School has started again in Dubai and my kids are back from their long summer vacation spent in the tropical country where there are a lot of water action. Of course, I would want to take photos of them near or in the water but have you been to the beach or pool and feel so intimidated and scared to take photos or videos with your phone when you’re near the water? And have you wished you can take your phone in the water with you?

I hear you. I truly know the feeling.

My daughter loves to swim and she does so many underwater tactics that I’ve always longed to take a video of her underwater. So, I did a lot of Google search along the lines of “best waterproof cases” or “top all weather cases” and found the Catalyst brand always on the list. I know I need this in my life!

The Catalyst heavy-duty case for iPhone ($69.99) in spite of its slim profile, is one of the best protective, waterproof and impact resistant cases available on the market. I like most is that the case itself is pretty straightforward – not too bulky but still solidly built. Once you snap this case together, you’ll need a coin to pop it open. That’s how you know it doesn’t ‘accidentally’ open up underwater when you use it.


It’s designed to be waterproof (YAY!) to 5m (16.4 ft), meet military standards for drops up to 2m (6.6 ft) and is made of premium quality materials including impact resistant polycarbonate, a soft-touch rubber bumper, silicone seals and air and water tight acoustic membranes.

Assembling the case is pretty easy and I am amazed the home button use is very responsive that it can even detect my fingerprint even when wet. Sometimes I find the touch screen access less responsive than I’d like it to be the longer it’s wet. It’s easy enough to set up your camera app and start shooting, but your texting speed may suffer. But it’s not like you need to text a lot while swimming, right?

Thanks to my new Catalyst case, I am able to capture my daughter’s smiling swimming pics underwater!

underwater selfie collage

And I am never scared to take my phone to the beach or pool again.

at the beach

Here in Dubai where it’s (almost) always beach or pool time all throughout the year, this nifty, sturdy and very trusty gadget is a must. I’ve never been confident taking pictures while at the beach or pool without my iPhone inside the Catalyst Case.

All-in-all, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone is a solid, rugged waterproof case. Snap your iPhone into it and go outside for some new adventure because the case is well worth the peace of mind and having this case will help you capture great photos and videos that you might not get otherwise.

bellevue pool 1

Like, if I didn’t have this protective case, I won’t ever get this close to taking their pictures while in the pool! Or capture my brother’s volleyball action on the water.

bellevue pool 2

Catalyst’s whole product range are not only cases for iPhones but for iPad, iPad mini, Apple Watch and waterproof sleeves for tablets and laptops.


Ok by now you’re thinking: I need to get that for my iPhone, too! I’ve got you covered. You can win a Catalyst Case for your iPhone by entering this awesome giveaway via the below widget:

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Can’t wait to win? You can purchase the Catalyst Case online at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check out their latest news and offers.