Canadians now need visa to enter the UAE

canadian passport

UAE’s two major airlines Emirates and Etihad asked to Canada to expand landing rights to Ottawa and was refused. The result?

Canadians traveling to the UAE on visit or business will be charged hefty visa fees from January 2, 2011.

Previously, Canadians didn’t need to apply for visit/tourist visas to come to the UAE just like citizens from 33 countries but now, UAE visas must be paid and applied for in writing to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa two weeks in advance of entering the UAE. The following are the cost of the visas:

  • Short term visa (30 days) – CAD 250
  • Long term visa (90 days) – CAD 500
  • Six months multiple entry visa – CAD 1000

What a sad sour turn for two countries who used to have strong ties. UAE Ambassador Abdullah Al Gafi said,

The UAE was Canada’s largest trading partner in the Middle East with bilateral trade figures of over $1.5 billion, of which 95 per cent is Canadian exports.

I feel sorry for the individual Canadians who need to shell out cash to visit or do business in the UAE just because the Canadian and UAE government couldn’t discuss the matter in a more sensible and mature way. In this scenario, Canadian travelers to the UAE look like kids suffering because two bickering (divorcing) parents!

News source: Gulf News