Be still my heart, something’s in my drawer

A colleague of mine announced last week that he’ll be transferred to another city. Two years into this company, I haven’t come across any other employee who is as hard working and dedicated as he is. If you’re living and working in Dubai, you know what I mean. He must be the only guy who keeps his word and mean when he say he’ll get the work done tomorrow. With him, there’s no saying of another “tomorrow” when tomorrow comes.

With that I feel he deserves something special in my book especially if the company or the boss never even bothered to have a farewell party. I bought a box of chocolates for him and signed a card thanking him for all the help he’s extended to me this past two years. The little bag with the box of Cadbury Dairy Milk (a favorite among Indians, I heard) was ready yesterday.

I was waiting for the perfect timing to give it to him but 6 pm came and he was still working like he’s still going to come to office again the next day. I learned that he is, indeed, not going anywhere YET. His transfer is on hold, till further notice! (classic Dubai system, really)

I don’t like the sight of a box of chocolates within my arm’s reach! I’ve hid it in my drawer so I can forget it and don’t succumb to it but alas, now that I’ve written it…

What do you think will be the fate of the Cadbury’s hiding in my desk?