Rain, in March?


Seriously, you gotta think that something’s amiss. It is RAINING, hard, in Dubai, in March! The last rain we got was around the first week of January and usually no wet day until around November/December – at least in my two years of stay here, it never rained in March in 2007 and 2008. And now, there are reports of hail and thunderstorms all over the UAE.

Pristine got too excited to use her small yellow umbrella today because she only uses it like, what, 2-3 days in a year? LOL!

It is the last day of work today so I am looking forward to the rainy weather tonight or tomorrow morning so I can sleep longer while listening to the sound of the rain. Mmmm, I can already feel it.

Sorry, living in the desert makes me miss and appreciate the rain (despite the heavy traffic that results) so if you have too much rain in your place, don’t hate it, send it here, ok?

But I am not sure if Pristine would be happy with the rain tomorrow, though because it means no swimming on the beach!


Photos and story of the rain is in Gulf News.