Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

Inside the fandom

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

“Would you like to see Alden Richards, in person?”

This tempting one liner came up on my chat window.

Alden Richards is currently the most popular male star in the Philippines. He is half of the phenomenal love team uni-named “ALDUB” along with Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub, Philippine’s Dubsmash queen who rose to stardom in record breaking time. The pair are mainstays of a show segment that airs at noon time from Monday to Saturday and followed by people in and out of the Philippines. The segment is a mix of romantic comedy and is a huge hit to people of all ages.

(That includes myself. Who knew I would be so hooked to a Filipino show and passionately following all updates about Alden or Maine everywhere on social media. My goodness, the last celebrities I am familiar with were the ones in 1996 before I left for Japan!)

If you are active on Twitter, you must have noticed how the ALDUB hashtag appears in the worldwide trends list with at least a million tweets everyday. People keep talking about it hours after the segment has ended. The October 24, 2015 hashtag currently holds the Guiness record of the highest number of tweets at 41 million.

In short, they are so popular. Big, big stars. Alden Richards (and Maine Mendoza) couldn’t go anywhere now without being mobbed.

“I don’t want to go. There could be as many as hundred shrieking girls and women being asked to form a queue for a photo op or an autograph. Won’t it look like crazy?”

“BUT YOU ARE ALREADY CRAZY…about ALDUB, about the show.”

Actually, my daughter has a point.

I am a fan of the show segment (called Kalyeserye, literally interpreted as Street Series as the show is held live at random streets in Manila and nearby provinces). And I have spent so many late nights watching replays, sacrificing my exercise routine the last couple of months because of those late nights, ended using up my data package watching clips during lunch break and on the train. Sigh. Addiction always has its dark side. {I have since rehabilitated myself and back to my exercise routine. No more late nights!}

So, I went to the Meet and Greet event to see Alden Richards.

(I can see so many of my friends and family’s eyebrows raised because this is so not me.)

The event didn’t go well as I imagined. Chaos ensued, cutting the supposed to be three hour event to just 30 minutes. They had to take Alden out of the venue because the situation was getting worse by the minute.

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

No one heeded the instructions for the fans to calm down, everyone mobbed him for a selfie (It’s shameful behaviour, yes, but at the end of the day, they have a pic with the celebrity and I didn’t.), an autograph or a (stolen) kiss! CRINGE.

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

I imagined having a proper picture of the actor, my magazines autographed but no, I only got a distant selfie with him on the background, shaky photos here and there, a video and that was it. And then I had REALIZATIONS flooding my mind as I was on the train on my way home.

After telling about my “ordeal” my younger sister was quick to tell me, “What’s wrong with you?! You didn’t go there to have these “realizations”! You were supposed to go there, shake hands, take a selfie, rub elbows with a celebrity and/or get an autograph!”

Sad to say, I failed my mission. Miserably.

I admit, I am a fan of the young man. However, I wasn’t starstruck…ok, maybe only slightly. But I was more overwhelmed with what went on in front of my eyes. So, this is what being in a fandom feels like during hyperventilating moments.

Yesterday, I realized these five things:

1. I am really an introvert.

…which my friends find it hard to believe.

Yes, to close friends, I could be the life of the party, the main speaker of the house, the comedienne, the non-stop talker entertainer. But put me in a crowd where I don’t know anyone and I can’t find my voice. I get awkward at small talks.

I didn’t know anyone yesterday in a room of a hundred people. Many came in groups and I felt very uneasy the minute I entered the room.

2. I don’t have the guts to break rules.

I am too self conscious to break rules and I miss once in a lifetime opportunities because of this.

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

After this pic, I stepped back, because the organizers were already screaming on top of their lungs for people to go back to their seats. There was chaos, the lack of order was appalling but then what can you expect from female fans who couldn’t get enough of young star?

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

Who knows when he’ll be back in Dubai? Philippines is too far away and this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience they didn’t want to miss. I took the above photo while sitting down, hoping other people would do the same.

3. I don’t have the guts to be thick.

I could have just ran towards Alden and asked for a (shameless) selfie, just like so many others but I just stood there, afraid to break rules and mostly, too shy.

4. One should be aggressive when called for.

There are no “later” during chaotic fast paced events like this. If you have the chance, grab it. He was this close from where I stood in the lobby.

Alden Richards meet and greet in Dubai

Alden walked in front of me towards the function hall, I could have stopped him for a few seconds for a pic, I am sure no one would go ballistic and beat me black and blue for that, right? But I didn’t and wished for a later…and the later never came.


5. Despite of my not-so-fabulous experience yesterday, I realized…fandom isn’t all a bad thing.

We all have a need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. After Alden left the meet and greet venue, several female fans were so disappointed they weren’t able to get near him or take picture with him. Some were crying. Those who stayed reeling about how in the blink of an eye they lost their only chance to see their idol stayed back and comforted each other. I saw camaraderie, giving hope and optimism.

Sure to others outside the fandom it could look crazy but a common shared interest brings people together. To me, that’s a positive thing.

A quote came to my mind as I stood there looking at the commotion. I understood what it’s like being in a fandom.

“We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”

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Is social media killing blogging? (and little updates about me)


My brain is not working to find a sensible title, so apologies.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Maybe I am suffering from blogger’s burnout so this blog seems like a ghost town these past few days but I am very much alive in other social media channels!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

I remember before, it was easy to know what bloggers are up to. I mean, what the blog owners are up to: you open their blogs and read the latest post. That’s it.

But if we’re going to apply that nowadays, what you would see on my blog would be pretty inaccurate. It would seem that I am still stuck in Salzburg, Austria, or somewhere in the mountains of Austria with a PC and a WiFi, editing photos and writing blogs about my travel to that wonderful, magical place.

No, I am not in Austria any more.

It’s been three weeks since I bade goodbye to those hills that made my heart sing. I’m back in Dubai, back to work and daily grind but alas, there’s this thing called “microblogging” killed my previously very passionate blogging mojo so I have not been updating this page and sharing what I am up to as often as I did.

REAL TALK: Many of my blog posts have died because they fit into one tweet. Or one Instagram post.

During pre-Twitter/Facebook/Instagram days, I always run to blogging to write what’s on my mind, to share what I feel. Now, it is so much easier to share on these microblogging social media channels.

I am sure I am not the only blogger who feels the same way?

There’d be days or weeks that bloggers don’t update but they are up to date on social media. For myself, I linger around Twitter much these days and trying to build better Instagram following so spending more time there too. Or I post a photo on my blog’s Facebook page and tell a short story. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is quicker than blogging. Twitter for example, is faster and it’s open to more people…sadly too much tweeting makes real blogging seem like an exhausting task.

Too bad, I know. I hope to change that.

** EDITED November 2016: I am not into late nights anymore and not watching any shows. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything from single parenting to work and other responsibilities but I shall get back!! **

So what’s the current goings on with my life right now (as if anyone is interested..)? Well, I am still working full time, juggling being a wife to my husband and mom to our two kids. Benjamin’s going to be 4 years old on the 28th October and the husband’s going to be 10 times older than Benjamin the day after. I still don’t know what to do on those days.

Truth is, I am not functioning well right now. I blame late nights, no exercise and too much sugar (chocolates). I can explain all, one by one.

Late nights – As of this writing – I am hooked on a TV show. There I said it. It’s an addiction I couldn’t stop even if I tried. I started watching it at my parent’s house in the Philippines and continued to watch it on my phone when I got back to Dubai (we do not have TV channels installed at home in Dubai).

If you’re on Twitter and have seen a hashtag that trends worldwide every day that starts with #ALDUB something-something, that’s what I am hooked with and I don’t want to check in a rehab for that. Kalyeserye, a segment from the Philippines’ longest running TV show is addicting, especially the love team Alden and Yaya Dub (thus AlDub).

I could write another lengthy post to describe what this AlDub fever is but I’m not going to. Just think there are millions and millions of Filipinos within the Philippines and abroad addicted to it. We are a crazy bunch. I am not ashamed to say I am one of them because I am not be ashamed to admit something that makes me happy (as long as I am not breaking any law LOL). The thing makes me laugh. And whatever makes me happy and laugh at this point in my life? I don’t care even if it comes from a TV show. Crazy but happy, crazy happy. Whatever.

However, I should be ashamed of the late nights because I know myself too much to know that I will never be a night person. This is why I have not allowed myself to watch any TV series because I am a weakling if I get hooked. The last TV series I followed was Charmed and Smallville…no judging.

No exercise (insert horror emoji) – I had been exercising regularly for maybe a year now. I was consistent, though had taken a bit of a break during my 4 weeks in the Philippines this year. I wasn’t too concerned not going to the gym while I was there…I was active and sweating with the hot weather.

Then I got back to my usual routine after vacation then I flew to Austria in September. I did not follow any workout routine there too but was walking for 5/6 hours non-stop, climbing mountains and eating less. My sister said I lost weight when she saw me back from my week long stay in Austria, maybe true or she just wanted that other bar of chocolate I had on my fridge.

But here’s the kicker…I never got back to my exercise schedule again. I miss the kick ass girl who was very determined as hell. Where did she go? Can you help me find her and when you see her slap her and kick her in the rear, tell her to get back on track?

I blame mild depression which may have been caused by my visit to Austria. The place was so beautiful that it made me sad when I see the things around me in Dubai, when I am walking to work and melting like a candle in the heat and ridiculous humidity (when is summer ever gonna end?!) even in late October. SORRY for the raw honesty! Or this might just be a phase because of my late nights…I can’t wake up in the morning to exercise or I will be late for work.

And work had been a little uninspiring too these days. Sigh.

And when I don’t exercise? I tend to be loose on my discipline on food. Boo. Chocolates and Cheetos. BOOM.

Sorry for the being such a bore. What a dizzying post. This is the result of not updating often.

Hope all is well with you, if you are reading this and may you have a great weekend!