What would you do without it?

I wrote this yesterday via Notepad: 

Today we have no internet connection at the office. Although my work does not require internet connection at all, I do use the internet in between phone calls to Japan, in between meetings and especially during lunctime. I also browse and blog late in the afternoon when Japan office is closed and I don’t need to do anything, thanks to the 5 hour time difference (Japan being 5 hours ahead).

Times like this make me think how I am heavily addicted to the net. It is so part of my life already that I do not know what to do without it. As of this writing, I am typing this on notepad and later cut and paste to my blog editor.

Right now I can’t check emails, read the news, update my blog, respond to comments, read my feeds. What will I do if this continues for days?

I have set a house rule for myself to be internet-free at home. Except when my daughter is asleep, I will not open the computer and devote myself to her. From the looks of it, I will be spending the next 24 hours offline. Will I survive?

How long can you go without internet connection?

Update: Internet connection in the office resumed yesterday afternoon. What seemed to be just 5 hours of no internet connection felt like a year!