Travel Challenge: Visiting countries for every letter of the alphabet


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In one of my daydreaming moments on which place to visit next, I thought of creating a list of countries I visited so far and categorise them according alphabetically. The aim of this self-imposed challenge is to visit at least 26 countries in this lifetime, at least once per country.

How did my travel list fare?

Here’s my list and I highlighted in bold the beginning letter of the countries I have NOT yet visited.

A – Austria, solo travel in 2015

B – Belgium in 2006

C – Czech Republic (twice in a span of 6 months, Prague to experience Christmas market in Europe in winter and Prague again in spring time)

D – Not been so possibly Denmark because the others D’s are not too secure/safe or too far

E – England in 2006 – if this counts as “United Kingdom”, then I’ll aim to go to Estonia next!

F – Not been so my daughter said, France! France!

G – Germany in 2006

H – Hong Kong, if a long stopover counts! If not, I’d want to go to Hungary.

I – I want it to be Iceland! But more realistically, India, for me next year

J – Japan! I lived there for more than 10 years and Jordan.

K – Kenya would be a dream but just to cross this out, might get on a short flight to Kuwait!

L – Not been so Latvia (because the capital city of Riga looks really beautiful)

M – Maldives in 2014

N – Netherlands in 2006

O – There is only one O country – Oman and though it is connected to the UAE, I have NOT been there! * shame*

P – Philippines, where I lived from birth till I was 19.

Q – Qatar, only in the airport! And since there is only one country beginning with the letter Q, I would love to go out of the airport next time and explore Doha

R – Not been to Dracula’s lair, Romania. I’m sure there is more to this country than Dracula.

S – Singapore, a few times; Sri Lanka in 2014

T – Turkey on a blogger’s trip in 2013; Thailand on a blogger’s trip in 2011

U – United Arab Emirates, our home for 10 years now

V – Vatican City (If we make I to Italy then we can shoot two birds in one stone as Vatican is in Italy)

W – Wales – technically not a country (though the Welsh would disagree?). Other choices would only be Wallis and Fortuna and Western Sahara in Africa.

X – There is no country beginning with letter X so we’ll change a bit to LuXembourg or MeXico?

Y –  the only country for Y is Yemen and for security and safety’s sake, I can’t imagine I’ll be going there any time soon

Z – a choice between Zambia and Zimbabwe, not sure if ever I’d get to any

So, technically, if we exclude W and X as well as unsafe Y, there are STILL 10 letters or ten countries I still need to go to, to complete this challenge. I might clear one or two next year.

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