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Alona beach Bohol

Hello, from paradise…is what I should have written and published on this blog a couple of weeks ago. The kids and I were off to the Philippines again for my annual holiday. School is off too, till the end of August.

As much as I wanted to blog about our adventures in the Philippines, my time was very limited so I spent more of it offline although I occasionally updated my social media channels. Our homecoming was perfect timing to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary on the day of my father’s 67th birthday! I took them to Bohol island (where that top photo was taken)! My parents have been to other countries but have not gone around much of their own country. It popped in my mind – their milestone wedding anniversary and my father’s birthday would be the best reason to take them to travel! It wasn’t easy convincing them to take an overnight ferry to Bohol island in July, Philippines’ monsoon season but I assured them, the heavy rains would only come after July 20, when we get back. They finally budged (though I bet my mom’s hands were shaking as she holds the ferry ticket on her hands LOL)

Wait, have you noticed? My blog’s got a new design and it feels so good like I’ve changed clothes after a long, tiring day or week! If you clicked this single blog post, you’ll see that I have opted for a single width design because I wanted my pics large. The colors are still the same from the old one. I kind of like it (except I know I could work on that too minimalist a header).

So, I’ll be writing a travel guide to Bohol, our tours to this wonderful island and the great resort we stayed soon.In the meantime, take a look around at the new design. You’ll notice that the main difference is the home page. I wanted a front door to my blog, just because 🙂

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  1. First of all happy anniversary to your parents (40 is a big one) and happy birthday to your father! What a wonderful excuse to travel back home for a visit and I bet it was a wonderful one at that. That island you took your parents to looks absolutely beautiful! Seriously, look at those blue skies and matching blue water…Tropical paradise comes to mind; you know, before all the monsoon weather. LOL I can’t wait to hear (and see) all about your travels! BTW your blog looks fantastic. I love the openness and brightness of it.



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