Prague in May

view from hotel window

Prague is…a very charming and beautiful city. It’s so easy to fall in love with it, I know because I am in love with it. One of the best things to do while in the city is to simply wander around. The city is very easy to navigate and most of the interesting spots are just walking distance from each other (or a short subway/tram ride away). This is what I love most about this city.

I already planned the walking trips and routes and I planned it well. After all, I am with the younger kid this time. The one problem with my plan? The weather, even in early spring month of May.

A friend who lives there already warned me: it could still rain in May but well, I was stubborn. And I really wanted to be so positive I could manipulate the weather with my thoughts and ask it to favor us.

The day we arrived? It was raining.

We didn’t have any umbrella, I left my waterproof jacket I bought from my previous visit here last December, I packed Pristine’s waterproof jacket too inside our luggage (actually, it is not Pristine’s Columbia waterproof jacket – we borrowed it from my friend during our first visit and brought to return it). Thankfully, Benjamin’s waterproof  windbreaker was in my back pack. I put it over his thick fleece jacket. My sister had a light leather jacket which was useless with the one digit temperature, no bonnet or gloves or socks because like me, she was expecting the weather to be ‘warmer’.

rainy wednesday

Look at her. She could totally write a blog post, “how to smile beautifully even when you’re freezing cold and cursing under your breath

It was already cold and wet and we were dragging our luggages in the cobblestone streets and looking for our accommodation. I bought a local SIM at the airport  but somehow the data has not been activated yet till get got to the city center. What does that mean?

No Google maps.

In the cold.

With shivering children (+ 1 adult) in tow.

I asked around but it was either everyone was in a hurry to seek shelter from the rain, didn’t speak English or didn’t care. I tried to recall and squeezed my brain out with the location map of the hotel. I have familiarized myself with it. I know it’s on Karlova street – I just wasn’t ready to face the realization that Karlova street had some little corners and that the cold and rain dripping  your face could make things more confusing that it really is.

We finally found the building after asking a receptionist from another hotel who was so kind to help us even if we were guests of another hotel.

After checking in at our hotel, we took a hot shower and decided, no, we won’t waste our time. We ventured out, never mind the rain!

rainy wednesday 2

rainy old town

It was already almost 4pm when we got out of the hotel but the wonderful thing about this season towards summer is that the days are longer. The sun is still bright even at 8:30 pm! We went to the Dancing House which was a short tram ride from the nearest train station where we bought tickets (Staromestska), wandered at the Old Town, heard the Astronomical Clock bell, ate at a local restaurant, visited the Chocolate Museum and walked around the Old Jewish quarter before calling it a night. We were cold but it’s not every day we’re in Prague.

What I’m really trying to say in this post is, when it rains in Prague when you are there, do what you were going to do anyway, but wearing a waterproof!

I won’t make this post long. To finish, a little tip:

What to Pack for Prague in May

Though temperatures are warming up (and it did for the rest of our stay there! More in another post), showers can put a damper on your sightseeing. Keep this in mind when packing for May travel to Prague.

Don’t forget:

  • A water-resistant jacket
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Umbrella

More about our trip next, this time, sunny pics!

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