It’s been a while

Benjamin bubble

I drifted from blogging for a while. And if you may have noticed, on social media lately too (though I am still posting on Instagram but not Snapchatting, tweeting or updating my personal Facebook). 

But these past days or weeks have not been idle. I’m still working full time, taking care of the kids at home, writing on my Moleskine planner using a pen in my hand. Making travel plans and actually went off for a quick and short travel. That was therapeutic. We’re also having some life changes that requires me to focus on more urgent and important things that blogging has to take a back seat. It took some time to stabilize and adjust to the new routine.

Biggest part of my absence is that…I’ve not been well.

The status of my health had been a roller coaster ride and I didn’t write about it because I didn’t think anyone would be interested to know anyway (except my mother). I’m writing it now to justify my absence (a little!). I’ve been almost completely bedridden for a week due to pain in my hips and outer thighs that run through all of my left leg. I couldn’t walk. Do you know how scary it is to think, “what if I wouldn’t be able to walk again?” I’ve been crying a lot and pain is only the secondary reason. I could not accept the thought of not being able to walk again. 

I am better now and finally know the root and cause of the on and off lower back pain, piriformis syndrome and sciatica for this past, maybe 12 months. I used to just treat it myself by resting or doing some stretches but this recent one literally stopped me in my tracks because I couldn’t even get up from bed anymore or walk, or sit on the toilet without wincing in a type of pain that could knock out senses. I have finally undergone all the required tests and got the diagnosis and being treated for it. I have lumbar herniated disc – a part of the disc between the vertebrae protruding out and pressing on a nerve causing pain and numbness. I’ll be in therapy.

Anyway, I mentioned travel. I did get away for a while with the kids and my sister to Prague. It’s probably my favorite city right now though that’s where my injury worsened. It’s the first time I brought my 4.5 year old son Benjamin to Europe and while he was such a trooper, he still naps and wouldn’t care where we were. If he sleeps, then I have to carry all 16 kilos of him, which was no big deal – except that I had to carry him while climbing 208 steps up to the Prague Castle.

Ben at Prague castle

I’m not going to linger on that mistake I made – I could not let Benjamin NOT see the view from the top. We had a great time and I can’t wait to share our stories while there. For now, I just want to say hello – I am still here. Hope everything is well with all of you.


  1. I’m sorry you’ve been in so much pain, Grace! I hope the therapy works quickly so you’ll be pain free.



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