Finding a cheap hotel room: HotelsCombined Review

how to find a cheap hotel room

When you travel, how do you book your hotel? Chances are you would say “I book my hotel ONLINE”. I know, I do. Over the last few years, travelers for both business and pleasure have been more likely to book accommodations on either direct hotel websites or online booking sites or price comparison sites. This post is a review of HotelsCombined – I’ve been late to the party and only knew about this recently.


hotels combined main page

HotelsCombined is a hotel search engine where people can get the best deals on hotel accommodations coming from the top travel sites around the world.The top travel sites are all linked here such as Expedia,,, Venere, Agoda and many more.The goal of HotelsCombined is to create a one stop for all website that would gather results from other hotel websites and collect them in one place for the traveler to see. This means that one visit to the HotelsCombined website will allow you to see the cheapest prices on hotels around the world, with most major cities and towns covered.

I tried using them for the first time when I looked for an accommodation in Tokyo for an upcoming trip. The main website is pretty straightforward where you can enter your destination, check in and check out dates and number of guests.

Tokyo Japan hotel search

From the search results, I picked a hotel. (In case you may wonder why, I picked this hotel because this is a central Tokyo area but less chaotic, near to the stations and you can easily visit Hama Rikyu Garden, Tsukiji Fish Market and even Tokyo Tower.)

Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo

See how there are different price options even for the same room types with the same amenities like bed sizes and perks like free breakfast. You can then click the “Compare 15 websites” to see more details.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo price comparison

From here, you can click “View Deal” to see the conditions in more detail and HotelsCombined redirects you to the appropriate online booking site that offers that price.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo best deal

So there, I was taken to the online site that had the best deals among the list and made my booking. I was done in a few minutes. At HotelsCombined, finding the best prices for over 800,000 hotels in 120,000 destinations across the globe is guaranteed. Have you used them? If yes, what was your experience with them?

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