Books from Amazon India!


We’re into the generation of everything digital. Do you like to read your books in its digital version, on your phone or on a reader like Kindle? E-books are awesome as they can be read practically anywhere, and oh how easy it is to have your library at hand for whenever there’s some waiting to do.

Plus, there’s always this privacy of not having people peek into what you’re reading. (I read 50 Shades of Grey on iBooks…)

But I have a confession: As much as I like reading digital version of books, my love for real, paperback or hard cover  have not surpassed reading a book in an electronic device. What about you? I see so many people on my commute to work reading stories on Wattpad or books on iBooks and while I do read digital versions of some books, I am (still) a total paper book lover.

(Actually, whatever you prefer to read on, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you get to read, that’s a win.)

I do buy books once in a while but this habit can get too costly. Books here in Dubai are expensive so I’ve (almost) given up on buying from the bookstores for a while now. 

…and then I learned recently about Amazon India! I know it must have been there for some time but dang, my light bulb moment just came to me last week.

How does Amazon INDIA matter to me? I am not in India, I am in Dubai. But here’s the great catch – 90% + of my work colleagues are Indians and I have many Indian friends outside of work! So, there’s always someone going back to their hometown every month or so! *insert very wide smile*

So far, I am just so elated to know that most of the books I wished for are at least 50% cheaper at Amazon India than in the local bookstores here in Dubai. The first of the two books I bought via a work colleague’s friend (THANK YOU!) has arrived. I am so happy!!

I have a list of books, for myself and for the kids. Now to find out who goes to India next month…

One thought on “Books from Amazon India!

  1. I personally love and will never give up my physical hardcover and paperback books for as long as I live! There is nice advantages about a digital reader and/or copy of a book but it’s just NOT the same to me. Thankfully I barely buy new anymore because you’re right; it’s costly! I love going to thrift stores and picking up something I’m interested for less than $1 or even going to the library for free 🙂


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