From WordPress to airplane tickets


The internet is such a lovely place. We never run out of things to read and learn. When you have internet connection, there’s no room for boredom. All good, all good but then I always find myself falling into this rabbit hole of digital distraction and before I know it, I just lost a couple of precious hours I couldn’t get back again.

internet rabbit hole

I don’t know about you but there were too many times when my ‘research’ lead me to websites that had nothing to do with what I was actually researching. I may have begun to research a topic for WordPress, like yesterday morning as I was doing housekeeping for my blog when I saw a headline that said marine biologists found a new octopus specie that looks like Casper the friendly ghost. Then a series of videos of the fuss that is Donald Trump got my attention and before I knew it, the original reason I was on the Internet had been totally forgotten and I felt I already need my weekend nap.

Please don’t tell me I am not alone in this?

But last week, I stumbled upon a precious information – airfare ticket SALE. Now, this is something I won’t just skip. Fly Dubai sale is now on with up to 50% off flights!

Think of round trip fares below AED1,000 Dubai to Baku, Alexandria, Amman, Kathmandu, Istanbul, Moscow, Tbilisi, Vienna (via Bratislava) and Zanzibar (for travel from 1st Nov) and discounted fares to selected European destinations.The tickets are selling fast so look around and book before midnight on Monday 14 March to fly between 10 March 2016 and 25 March 2017!

The offers are tempting but I need a new laptop, LOL. But after much fidgeting and day dreaming, I have booked my tickets. Destination to be revealed soon!

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