Pack everything, including your morning brain

terminal 2

Funny things happen when you are not used to flying Business Class. Or should I say, when you have not flown business ever in your life. My first ever business class was to Prague last week courtesy of the free tickets from Fly Dubai which I won from an Instagram contest.

Our flight was at 8:50 am and thankfully we live near the airport so we didn’t have to endure panic attacks at 3am.We arrived at the airport fine and ready but we left without breakfast. It’s my first time at Terminal 2. There was a McDonald’s, KFC and Paul Bakeshop. I know there would be meals inside the plane as it’s almost a 7 hour flight but I don’t think I can wait that long till meals are served, nor can my daughter. We opted for McDonalds. I was already disgusted with the thought of having something greasy early in the morning and the ridiculous price of McD’s inside the airport but what to do…urgh, to think I don’t like having a burger for breakfast…lunch or even dinner. I can’t remember the time I ate at McDonalds.

I munched on the burger, accepting defeat then halfway through, I realized…HEY, we’re flying business right?? Don’t business class people have that special access to something called LOUNGES?

I put down my burger and stormed out of the airport food court. My daughter was puzzled. “Where are we going, mama? Why are you dashing mad like that?”

I looked around and there it was – a few steps from the food court, there it was…the FLY DUBAI lounge for business class passengers! And it had buffet breakfast with real food – fruits, salad, scrambled eggs, sausages, sandwiches. For FREE.

fly dubai lounge

I felt so so disappointed with myself I can’t even eat…it was pointless to be inside the lounge.

My daughter told me, “Don’t be too sad, mama. Well at least you realized it before you finished your cheeseburger!” I cannot just get over the fact of what just happened.

It seems that you don’t need much time to board when you’re in business class, it says you can even be at the gate 25 minutes before departure time. But knowing me (OCD), I told my daughter we’d be early at the gate just in case. There were so many people near the gate that we weren’t able to find a seat. Oh well, no big deal, we’ll just stand, a punishment for people who eat cheeseburger for breakfast! (Something like that).

My eyes were wandering through the area, looking at different kinds of people and having my weird airport thoughts…I saw it…a sign pointing to a special waiting area for Fly Dubai business class passengers.

What’s wrong with this morning?!

We followed the signs and there it was…the waiting area WITH NOBODY there. All empty seats. Thankfully, we did not stand outside for an hour or else..I would really hate myself.

My daughter just laughed it out. I love the innocence of children. My children. They always see the good in a situation. I wonder who birthed these. Maybe I was like this before…then I grew old.

Our departure time neared and we were whisked in a shuttle bus to the plane. We were finally settled inside the plane, enjoying some good stretch. I was already thinking what to drink, the stronger the better maybe so I could knock myself out (I never drink on the plane).

*I didn’t drink anything with alcohol on our flight to Prague because duh, there’s a new city to explore. I don’t want to sleep in the train and end up in another country!

Boy, this is so different than sitting in economy. You know, thoughts maybe rich people don’t even entertain because it has become so natural for them. It was rather chilly so I took out one of my jackets in my hand luggage (backpack) and saw Pristine’s eyes widen, her mouth open wide.

Uhm, Mama! Where is my winter jacket? THE winter jacket.

You know, this one, the one that I specially asked my husband to buy in Japan during his business trip last October…which he did and packed and brought to Dubai specifically for this Prague trip.


Pristine and I totally forgot about the jacket. It’s in our living room at home, resting at one corner. Weather forecast for Prague was single digit temperatures and rain. I can’t believe the travel jinxes even before the plane took off!

I packed our bag one week before our flight. I thought good things happen to people who pack early?!


Pristine had one jacket with us, the fleece one but it is obviously not enough. I have one fleece jacket along with another one, I could give her my fleece jacket to layer, never mind if I feel cold (behind a daughter with an over sized jacket is a shivering mother).

us in prague

In the end, my friend whom we were staying in Kolin right after we arrived lent us a waterproof jacket. What a life saver!

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  1. Loved this Miga! I’ll remember to include “pack my brain” in my list of things to pack whenever we travel. ????



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