What do you want from Santa this Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner. Since we don’t have Thanksgiving here, we go straight to Christmas. Heck, in the Philippines, the Christmas mood starts when the “ber” months roll in. I know this sounds crazy but it’s not unusual to hear Christmas songs playing on the radio as early as September.

I was on Twitter the other day and saw an announcement from UAE Secret Santa. You know that fun event last year when people who signed up for the Secret Santa gift exchange would be paired up anonymously and exchange gifts? I don’t know what others got but I would like to think I was the luckiest Santee. I was left speechless went I got my gift(s) from my Secret Santa.

Up to this day, I have no idea who gave me those gifts so this year, I decided to sign up again so I can pay it forward. There’s this normal form to fill out with name, address, telephone number and a few questions. I took so long so send the form back because there’s one question where I’m stuck:

What do you want from Santa this Christmas?

Flashback years ago, I would have listed so many items (that I need, some very basic ones including socks or even hankies).

Last year, I listed so many things I fancied so my Secret Santa could choose which one would be easier to get. I did not expect he would give me ALL + much more!

However now, I found that as I age, I don’t need many material things any more. Sure, I still get attracted to a watch, the only accessory I can’t leave the house without, or a pair of really good shoes but aside from those, what I really need can’t be bought by money: health of my family, will and determination and fighting spirit to get me through my different life goals, my children’s smiles.

My heart overflows at the thought that I am not too hungry to list the things that I want because as it is, more or less, I already have the ‘things’ that I need.

As I turn a year older TODAY, I feel more and more blessed. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate material gifts (huge shout out to my baby sister who surprised me) but it’s not like I’m going to be sad if I don’t get any. Another year means another year to be thankful for – I lived and survived everything that came my way for the past 365 days. THAT for me, is a big deal.

Here’s looking forward to more adventures, challenges and blessings that will come in the next year.

How about you, have you thought about what you want from Santa this Christmas?


  1. Two things really for THIS Christmas.

    Eric Idles’s memoir ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE. And DVD of the movie WEST SIDE STORY since that’s gonna be remade NEXT year.



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