The Charm of Legos

Lego City

I’ll tell you something I can be proud of as a parent: I can take my children to a toy store and we can go out with no one crying. It’s not because I buy each of them a toy whenever we visit. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: I don’t buy anything from the store when I go out with them.

Truth is, we are not big toy buyers in the first place. My daughter only has one doll she cherishes since she was 1 year old. My son has only a few hand me down toys and some are gifts from friends for his birthday or Christmas. He has die-cast train toys I bought because these don’t practically break. I carefully pick toys I buy for my kids because I don’t like clutter and I hate toys that would just be an addition to our planet’s already brimming land fills.

But to be fair, not all toys are created equal. While most toys are rubbish, some are actually beneficial. Enter Lego blocks! Who has not heard about Lego? Our kids love LEGO. Colorful and easy to use, Lego have withstood the test of time because of their unlimited open-ended possibilities. There is not just one way to play with a set of Legos. The appeal of LEGOs is one that is timeless and universal. They provide endless possibilities for construction and creation. While model ships, airplanes, and cars create great replicas, LEGOs allow you to build whatever you want!

I find that my kids enjoy playing with these blocks than watching TV and they could spend hours on it.

LEGOs, in my opinion, are one of the best toys you can give a child. No kid hates getting LEGOs. Even if the theme is uninteresting to them, they can always ignore the instructions and build whatever they want.

What I like most about LEGO is that it lasts. Buy a single set and you will be able to make stacks of different models. Lego doesn’t age. The sets my daughter Pristine had when she was young are still perfectly good and can be added to newer sets seamlessly so her little brother can still play with them.

Lego is known to be useful in teaching children Mathematics, patterns and spatial logic. My kids are into Lego City sets because it gives them the opportunity to build their very own mini city. LEGO city pieces include vehicles, buildings, figures!  All of the key themes can provide many hours of play, from the police and fire stations that my little boy loves to the many cool vehicles and iconic buildings that they  both love building and playing with.

Can you think of any there any reasons LEGO is awesome? What are your thoughts about Lego?

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