July and August is rainy season in the Philippines

storm clouds

The months of July-August (our scheduled vacation to the Philippines) is rainy season. We could have chosen better time like the peak of summer from March-May  though the weather is hot but at least plans won’t be squashed by torrential rains and thunderstorms but oh well, we can only travel once school is out so it’s only July-August for us.

If you plan to travel during these months, (big) chances are that you’re going to get wet. True enough, when we arrived on 11th July, it was raining in Manila. But rainy season as it is, it won’t rain the whole day, every day. Monsoon will bring rain mostly during afternoons and early evenings. So if you’re going to venture out later in the day, better bring your umbrellas, unless you really love to be soaked in the rain (yes, there are people who really like to do this…more on them later)

rain in lim ket kai

Up until July 20th, it was only slightly drizzling in the afternoons/evening in Cagayan de Oro City. However, after that, it has been raining EVERY DAY. And it’s not the typical rain that we see and experience in Dubai – it’s like a bucket has been poured over your head kind of rain.

But these little people clearly don’t mind.

rain collage

Many adults don’t like when it’s raining but kids absolutely love it. Tell me you didn’t attempt to get wet in the rain when you were younger?

rain ben 1

rain ben 2

Apparently, when you grow up or live in a very dry place like Dubai where the sun shines 330 times a year, you get excited when the skies turn dark. And you keep looking up when big, fat drops of rain start to fall from the sky.

rain ben 3

rain ben 4

I used to hate it when it rains, especially when I don’t carry an umbrella with me, and then the parts of the city gets flooded and I’m stuck somewhere waiting for public transport when I was still a student here.

rain ben 5

But now, I realize, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was right: 

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”


  1. Ahh! I remember when I first came back to the Philippines. I always went out to bask in all the rain! Now I’m tired of the rain and kinda-ish sorta-ish miss Dubai.. (more the infrastructure than the weather tbh) Haha!

    OT: Do you think its wise to look for jobs in Dubai in the IT field as a fresh graduate from the Philippines…? Or should I first deal with near minimum wage (with little to no benefits) + hours of commute in here and accumulate work experience?



  2. It’s nice to bath in the rain when you’re in your own yard, or near your home πŸ™‚ Not something I’d recommend though if you happen to be in Baguio City. There the rain is like poured ice buckets that really, really rattle the bones and jaws and make lips and nails purplish from cold πŸ˜€

    Thinking about it, I now miss the instant icy baths from rain puddles at the roadside if you happen to be at the wrong place while a vehicle is passing by, LOL!

    Glad to see the kids enjoying the rains, as it’s not really something we experience a lot here in UAE πŸ™‚



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