It’s been 7 years


Even the airport in my home town has changed. The kids and I are in the Philippines right now. It’s been seven long years since I was here. More than the fact that I’d be travelling with two children, the youngest being just 3, alone, I was anxious of the unstable Philippine weather in July. Just a few days before we flew, typhoon after typhoon made landfall in the capital of Manila where we’d we landing, staying for one night before flying out to the province down south.

Surely, it rained when we got out of the airport in Manila (after a short bout of turbulence above Thailand). The children were screaming with glee, “rain, rain!” like they have not seen rain for months – which is literally true. The last time it rained in Dubai was maybe back in March. It’s July now.

When we arrived at the airport in my hometown, the skies were clear, the weather, wonderful!

arrival to cagayan de oro 1

I can’t believe we are already home. I was able to finally take a deep breath of relief. I was able to bring these kids from our home in Dubai, to the airport in Abu Dhabi, to Manila and then now, to Cagayan de Oro!

arrival to cagayan de oro 2

I look forward for the kids to have lots of outdoor fun, get to know and bond with my parents (their grandparents) and make lots of great memories with them. (I’m also looking forward to eating some of the foods I missed…oh it’s been really too long!)

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