Street Nights at JBR

street nights logo

NOTE: This event ran from 30th April to 9th May so it has ended at the time of this writing. However, I’ll be offering tips you can make use of to make your street nights experience better the next time they do it again.

We’re seeing more and more of these culture events in Dubai lately and we went to one last weekend – The Street Nights JBR at The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence. We’ve heard of it before but when you live on the other side of Dubai, JBR and Dubai Marina side sounds so far and exhausting and make you question if it’s worth the time (and the traffic!) at all.

TIP: JBR is a notorious area for congestion and heavy, heavy traffic, especially on weekends. Take the Metro + tram combination and walk to the venue. “The Walk’ is named aptly, for people should all walk, not drive!

yumtingz 1

First food truck sighting at the beginning of the street food venue! This is called Yumtingz, selling burgers and refreshing drinks. We had to stop and have some!

yumtings menu

TIP: If you see this food truck again somewhere in Dubai, I highly recommend the beef burger and their refreshing drinks called Passiona and Basil Mango.

yumtingz 3

There is a space at the back of the truck as well with the delight of the children. As the sun set, more and more people were coming to the event and getting stuck at the Yumtingz food truck.

yumtingz 4

The Walk at JBR showcased delicious, unique street food concepts, daring street art and underground urban beats with participation of over 50 local street artists.

street vendors

I found these posters poking fun at some “Dubai lifestyle”, which I can’t deny has some truth in it.

funny posters

During the ten-day event, local street artists offered live painting, air-brush performances, and DJs spun their latest tracks, and creative home-grown food concepts in the form of…food trucks!

What is a food truck? A food truck is a large vehicle with on-board kitchen equipped to cook and sell food.

Lately, food trucks have exploded in popularity here in the UAE. But with the high temperatures during summer, I can imagine it is not easy for food trucks due to many complicated municipality laws that govern street food and food safety.

moti roti food truck

This Moti Roti food truck is probably the most beautiful of all. I love the vintage feel of the colors and the design.  I spoke to some of the food truck people and surprised to hear some were made here (I thought all food trucks were imported from outside the country).

panifico food truck

brooklyn bros

brooklyn bros 2

food truck 2

TIP: Don’t eat up to your maximum from the first food truck that you see. Explore the place and then sample a menu from each.

us at jbr

jbr 2

We had a lovely time though it was already pretty warm even at night. We would love to go to another street festival again in the future, hopefully in the cooler months (erm, which means not in another 6 months!) Taking the kids to a street festival was a great break from the usual mall trips. It’s refreshing to stroll outside too. And was it worth our time coming from the other side of Dubai? The answer is yes.


  1. Too bad we miss these kinds of events. We were just there few Fridays back. Even wrote about the visit on my blog. Tsk. Will definitely watch out for the next one. BTW, those food trucks are really pretty!



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