Which hotel stay perks do you fancy?

entrance to Radisson Blu Fujairah

We’ve done our share of hotel stays to know what we like and don’t like. Let’s focus on what we like.

1. Welcome stuff

Admit it, you go awwww! when you see a little note on top of the center table welcoming you to the hotel. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel warmly welcomed and important.


Extra plus when there’s chocolates! See, I was holding the note in my hand while snapping these photos of chocolates…

2. Free WiFi

A recent survey conducted by Hotels.com revealed that free WiFi is ranked the most important in-room amenity (I say necessity!). I don’t want to have to go to the hotel lobby in my pajamas so an in-room WiFi facility is always appreciated. Actually, before booking a hotel room, I see to it that WiFi is free in the room.

3. Kids club

kodomo club

Mom or dad do want some quiet time (not necessarily together). What we do is drop the kids at the kids club with my husband and I go around the property to take photos or update social media. A good kids club can have kids entertained while taking a break from the sun and swimming at the beach or pool.

4. Kids area in dining rooms/restaurants

We always travel with our kids, youngest is only 3 and a half years old as of this writing so a dedicated area for kids to roam around is a wonderful perk. It allows us parents to peacefully eat our meals and have a conversation.

brunch kids section

kids area brunch

Bonus if there’s a bouncy castle, a clown or a balloon bender! But really, a simple area for families would be great.

5. Live cooking station during breakfast

…because we all love eggs for breakfast in all sorts of style, eh?

Lastly, one perk that soothes the body, mind and soul is this: Sleeping with the windows/doors open and sleeping through the sound of the distant waves!

beach 2

Did you know that all of these perks are in Radisson Blu Resort Fujairah? We recently stayed for the weekend there (see the hotel stay review here) and thankful to experience all of the above.

How about you, what hotel perks are your favorites?


  1. Free wifi and free parking! Here in the US, there are hotels that do not offer both services. I am somewhat surprised, but I guess is understandable.

    While I do appreciate in hotel dining, as I am one who prefers to explore places to eat outside the hotel, I appreciate hotel rooms having a small ref with freezer and a microwave.

    Now that we also have a pet, I love hotels that are pet friendly for a nominal fee. Some hotels offer crazy expensive pet fees.



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