Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Where did you go during the 3 days new year holidays? As for my family, we were just home most of the time until we got bored and decided to see the sun outside. We finally went to Dubai Miracle Garden. I must admit, I cringed at the name the first time I heard it. Miracle? Miracle is such a big word but when you come to think of it, these scene, these flowers? It’s a miracle to see this in the desert.

Dubai Miracle Garden

There was a mock choo choo train near the entrance that caught our toddler’s attention. He didn’t want to leave this part of the garden.

train at dubai miracle garden

garden 6

Going to the Dubai Miracle Garden had been a long overdue plan and after seeing so many beautiful photos of my friends and my sister who went there, I knew we need to check it out and the long weekend was perfect for it. However, we made the big mistake of going there at the wrong time. It’s the golden “winter” season in Dubai when everything seems to fantastic outdoor wise. It’s that limited time when we can go out and enjoy the sun without becoming a burned toast.

The sky was cloudless and blue and the flowers looked even more beautiful against it.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Since it was a holiday for most, there was a huge crowd. It’s impossible to claim one spot without any stranger in the background.

us at miracle garden 2

You could always see somehow, somewhere near, someone’s taking a selfie! (Look at the left!)

us at miracle garden

I know it’s winter and the weather was really great but it was hot when we got there. We left the house at around 10 am and arrived there before 11 am.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t go there around noon time!

The garden is wide and vast and mostly open spaces with very limited areas that has shade. Winter? Who are we kidding? There’s no “winter” during midday in Dubai! 

Dubai Miracle Garden

garden 3

The best time to visit would be very early in the morning as soon as it opens or maybe around 5 pm to sunset. Otherwise, you might want to bring umbrellas. And speaking of umbrellas…

Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s truly a “miracle” these flowers are actually real and thriving in extreme weather conditions. I am not sure if they are open in summer or if anyone would brave going there in the summer months! The website do not say anything about the garden being closed on summer.

Maintaining to keep the flowers alive at Dubai Miracle Garden is one tough (and expensive) task – but that could be the main reason of the AED30 (US$8) per person entrance fee! Entrance for children 3 years old and below is free.

Weekdays: 9am to 9pm
Weekends (Fri-Sat): 9am to 11pm

Dubai Miracle Garden is around the vicinity of Dubai Motor City and Arabian Ranches, but since I am not good with directions, I’ll let Google Maps do the talking.

It was a great (but very short) day trip. I would have loved to stay longer (to maximize the worth of the entrance fee) but it was really too hot, especially for Benjamin. If you are in Dubai and haven’t visited, I still think it’s worth the trip, just pick the best time. And take a lot of photos!

4 thoughts on “Dubai Miracle Garden

  1. The flowers look better than last year. Actually we planned to go last new year holiday, but the kids refuse to get up early. Next weekend maybe. They do close during summer…who’d go there during our famous scorching summer? 😉


  2. We went there noontime too. Real bad esp for the kiddos. We were not able to really enjoy the flowers and the view. Maybe we’ll go back another time.


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