Where we stayed: The Address Dubai Marina

marina view from the balcony

One of the things we absolutely love doing whenever we can is stay at one of the hotels in the city for a short break. Popular term for that is staycation – an increasingly popular and fun vacation at home or at some place within the city or to a driving distance location. On one of our weekends, we had a wonderful and memorable time at The Address Dubai Marina and can’t wait to talk about our experience here.

We stayed at the corner Premium Suite room with the best view of the marina. The two kids and I arrived first since the husband had work and will catch up later. As soon as the staff opened the door of our hotel room, they were saying oohs and aahs…they were very, very impressed and excited to inspect every corner.

They ran to different directions. One went to inspect the bedroom, one went to the bathroom. I was in the living room/receiving room (the premier suite room is like a one bedroom apartment with a separate receiving room, a bathroom and a bedroom) taking care of the check-in process (they do it right in your room!). The sofa in the receiving area also converts into a sofa bed which calls for pillow fights like this. My sister were staying with us too and she’s like one of the kids.

pillow fight

The bed is very comfortable. After a long day at work, all I wanted to do was dive into it but the children had other things in mind, and we had to dress up for dinner. See you later, bed.


My son did not want to close the curtains on our first night. But can you blame him?

ben in the bedroom 1

ben in the bedroom 2

As for me, is it weird to say that the bathroom is probably my favorite part of the hotel room?

The Address Dubai Marina bathroom

The Address Dubai Marina bathroom

The Address Dubai Marina bathroom

The next morning, Dubai’s new winter day was glorious.

glorious morning

We stayed on Thursday and when the (UAE) weekend rolled in, I woke up at the usual time like I usually do wherever I am – at home, or in a hotel. I sat in the balcony and did what I couldn’t do normally – read the news in paper form and most importantly, soak up some Vitamin D. I love the winter here – nothing but clear skies, no rain or snow and temperatures that’s so pleasant. If the weather is like this everyday, I wouldn’t mind living in Dubai forever.

balcony morning

More bits about the hotel…

Have you experienced where you wished there was a chair at the front desk? Sometimes, the checkin process is long and tedious and you are made to wait and with a baby or toddler, sometimes I have to run back and forth as I chase my boy around, take him back to the front and run away again.

The Address Dubai Marina has solved this problem by having someone escort you to your hotel room directly and do all the check-in process there, including swiping your credit card (for security deposit). It was such a relief!

The location of this hotel is very convenient and accessible via the Metro stations, either Jumeirah Lake Towers or DAMAC Properties station (formerly Dubai Marina station). If you prefer to walk from the metro station to the hotel, it is closer from Jumeirah Lake Towers rather from DAMAC Properties station. During summer when even a 10 minute walk is nearly impossible, you can take the tram from JLT metro station and get down at Dubai Marina Mall station (one stop, 3 dhs).

marina view 3

The hotel is connected to the Dubai Marina Mall so it’s convenient in so many ways like if you forgot to pack something important, you can always go to the mall. You can access Marina Mall directly from the hotel lobby and access without having to go outdoors would be very welcome in the sizzling summer months.

The location has superb views of the Marina (TIP: Request for a higher floor room!). I love this part of Dubai! It is almost therapeutic to watch boats go by.

marina view 1

It is also close to “The Walk” at JBR where there are plenty of great restaurants and of course, the beach. The newly operational Dubai tram has provided an easier access for these areas from the hotel.

The third floor Spa at The Address has 12 treatment rooms, including two for couples, all featuring in-suite showers. Separate relaxation rooms for ladies and gentlemen, sauna and steam room facilities are also provided. There’s also the state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, open 24 hours that ticks all your cardio and weight needs and offers great Marina views.

The Address Dubai Marina pool

The real leisure highlight though is the oval pool it was fun swimming in such a vast space that has an infinity pool effect, and seemingly into the JBR high rises. This pool is our FAVORITE pool in Dubai!

The Address Dubai Marina pool

I am not done raving about the bathroom which I think is an ‘unofficial’ leisure facilities. This is the view from the tub. Definitely one of the highlights of the suite was soaking in the bath tub looking out at the twinkling lights of Dubai Marina at night.

bath tub

Also, it’s worth mentioning  that the hotel has fast and FREE WiFi inside the room! A huge plus for me!

The staff were extremely helpful and everyone went out of their way to assist us. Room service requests were swift. Standards are high in Dubai, so we expected the service to be very good, but they were much more than that. We felt so welcomed like we were long time residents there.

marina view 2

The Address Dubai Marina has exclusive offers to make staycations much more enjoyable and I highly recommend for those with families. Their Saturday family brunch is so far the best I’ve been to in Dubai and watch out for their Generation Creation Saturday brunch that happens every 3rd Saturday of the month where kids and parents form a team to create something special together…and win prizes too!


To check out the CURRENT OFFERINGS AT THE ADDRESS DUBAI MARINA, please check out their main website or visit their Facebook page.


A good night’s sleep then breakfast at Mazina and then pool time for the next day!

The Address Dubai Marina is definitely one of Dubai’s best hotels. The rooms are a good size with everything you could possibly need, and with a very large bathroom. The hotel is spotlessly clean throughout and I can’t think of a facility that is not available (they even have ample of free bottled water). And the service is simply faultless. The Address Dubai Marina…it surely lived up to the “THE” in its name.

We were guests at The Address Dubai Marina however, as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Hotel bathrooms are also my favourite area in hotel rooms, and sometimes even if a room is splendid and the bathroom was a letdown (on some hotels), I feel blah. But The Address has an amazing bathroom! I can’t blame Benjamin for wanting the curtains open 🙂



    1. The full glass panel of the bathrooms at The Address Dubai Marina was a great architectural feature 🙂

      I love the sunshine fully coming in in the morning!



  2. Wow … such a nice hotel! The bathrooms do look great, I agree! I would swim for hours at that pool.

    Checkin at the room sounds like a great idea! Probably have to hire lots of staff for that though.



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