Almond butter grain-free “granola” bars

almond butter granola bar

Since increasing the weights in my strength training program (Chalean Extreme by Beach Body), I find myself feeling hungrier than before. There’s a grocery store at the ground floor of my building (sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes, it’s a bad thing – they sell my favorite Lindt chocolate!) so I go down and see what I can eat. I picked up a few items and when I was at the cashier, the lady offered me energy bars “on sale”. Get two bars for the price of one.

I checked the ingredients and put it down.

Then I spent a good hour that night to search for cleaner energy bars and found this from one of my favorite food blogs, Against All Grain: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bar.

I just made my first almond butter using my Braun Multiquick 7 (that cool kitchen gadget I won from a contest a couple of years back.) Store bought almond butter is expensive so I thought I’d make my own with the food processor. It takes a bit of time since the cordless handheld mixer always dies on me and I have to recharge over and over again but it did the job!

homemade almond butter

Now what to do with all the almond butter I have?

Since finding at that granola bar recipe, I just couldn’t pass up the idea of making my own so I went to Lulu to buy the nuts required in the recipe. I love how we can buy all sorts of nuts here, by weight and the dates used to sweeten this treat is also readily available.

I replaced the peanut butter in the original recipe with my homemade almond butter.

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]See how simple it is? My 10 year old daughter was helping me and wanted to make the next batch alone. No doubt she can manage to do this by herself!

And the bars? They taste amazing! However, I feel they’re too sweet for my taste so I’m going to try to half the amount of honey next time. Great clean treat to curb the random sweet cravings. I’ll keep some in my fridge/freezer for sure.


    1. If there’s anything I learned about keeping up with healthy habits, it’s to read ingredients. If there’s something difficult to pronounce (chemicals! preservatives!), I am not buying it 🙂

      Make it, you will love it! And maybe can’t stop at one small size! 😉



  1. Wow! You made those? They look really tasty. It’s really shocking to see what kind of ingredients you find in most granola bars in the stores. I should be making my own as you do… If only I weren’t so lazy:)



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