The one where ketchup won’t ever belong!


I could never understand *some* people from *certain* nationalities’ fascination about ketchup. I don’t really hate ketchup but I do believe just like any other condiments on Earth, it has its proper place. Personal preference? Yes, I would respect that but not like I won’t blog about your use of ketchup on something that shouldn’t have ketchup!

I was in a local shawarma shop a few days ago because I promised Pristine that if she manages to get up in the morning for school without the aid of an alarm clock, she can get what she wants. And she did wake up at 5:30 am without an alarm clock and wanted her part of the deal: SHAWARMA, probably Middle East’s perfect street food.

Nothing says you’ve lived long enough in the Middle East more than your kid craving for shawarma, hey.

There’s this really popular shawarma stand near Salahuddin Metro station and you can’t really miss it because there will be a crowd gathering outside, waiting for their quick, shawarma fix from around 6:30 pm. While waiting to pay for my order, I saw horror right before my eyes: a guy put ketchup on his shawarma.


Ketchup. On shawarma.

What. The. Devil.

And I though that was really a weird guy when a lady in front of me at the counter said, “2 shawarmas, with KETCHUP!”

Is this a new thing? Ketchup on shawarma? Don’t tell me.

I couldn’t help but post it on Twitter where people jumped in the conversation, sided with me urged me to CALL THE SHAWARMA POLICE!

After waiting for a few minutes, disgusted by that guy putting ketchup on his shawarma and eating it with gusto, the shawarma cook handed me my bag. The lady who ordered ahead of me shook her head and threw me dagger looks as if saying, “I ordered first!” (remember this part of this SSS – shocking shawarma story)

Everyone is really hungry at twilight time.

I didn’t pay attention (because I was busy tweeting) and headed to the Metro station making people jealous of the smell. Hmmm. Sorry folks, this shawarma is already taken.

Pristine greeted me at the door and grabbed the plastic bag with shawarma in it. I went to the kitchen to drink water…then I heard a loud scream.


Her beloved, most awaited shawarma. Swimming in ketchup’s glory.

How revolting.

What an insult to the shawarma culture.

Truly, truly unacceptable!

The winning point of this particular shawarma is the garlic paste and that stupid ketchup just killed it! And what do you know, somewhere in Dubai, one lady is screaming and crying why there’s no ketchup in her shawarma!


  1. I love ketchup…but on a shawarma? That sounds revolting. I’m with you…the winning quality about a shawarma are the spices and garlic sauce. Oh and the pickles.

    In no way should my shawarma be sweet. Bleh!

    I missed your twitter tirade but if I had seen it, I would have definitely sided with you on this one.

    But tell the truth…did you at least try to eat it?



  2. This is funny! I kinda suspected that you got the “ketchupped” shawarma when you were handed it before the ladies who ordered. But you’re right, this is sacrilege!! i like the garlic sauce in shawarma.
    Poor Pristine! Her effort at waking at 0530!



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