Mall of the World diorama

Mall of the world

We were at the Emirates Towers a few days ago to dine at The Noodle House (see the review here and enter the contest to win a 3-course dinner for two) and saw an interesting diorama of the proposed, Mall of the World – the massive Dubai project that will house the world’s biggest mall at 8 million square feet in area and in tune with Dubai’s sensation of building “world firsts”, this will be the world’s first “temperature-controlled (pedestrian) city”.

I remember the first time I’ve seen a diorama of the Dubai Mall/Downtown area at the old office of Emaar back in 2007 when the area was still filled with piles of sand and stones. But this one – this one is pretty.

Mall of the world

This temperature-controlled concept will be through a glass dome enclosure that will be open up during the winter months, a high season for the city’s retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. On completion, it will be a year-round destination that is projected to pull in 180 million visitors annually.

Mall of the World

It’s really detailed.

Mall of the world

Up close, it’s really cute.

Mall of the world

If you can swing by Emirates Towers soon, do check out this beautiful diorama. The Mall of the World is set to be completed in 10 years time. It’s a long, long time from now but hey, we’ve been here for 8 years (did not intend to stay this long!) so who knows, we might be able to see it when it finishes.

Life in Dubai is anything but boring.

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Here’s a video presentation of the proposed project:

Remarkable and breathtaking (regardless of all the negative comments hurled at Dubai again at the announcement of this mega project.)

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