Arriving in paradise that is The Maldives!

P and B in Colombo

The blog is not dead. Sorry for the long silence, my family and I were traveling and it was not easy to open the PC and sit down to write (especially with no mouse! God, I am half useless without a mouse). My last post was a little update about the kids. Well, the bored kids are out of the house right now. The top photo was taken at Colombo International Airport on our way to Maldives.

Before anything else, I’ve been lucky on this trip. I know I wrote about our love for traveling with children, no matter how small they are (still) but to be honest, I was nervous too. When we traveled last summer in 2013, Benjamin was still breastfeeding. But since he’s already weaned, I am not sure what’s in store for us inside the plane. Will he fuss? Will he make a scene – you know the ones you get dart eyes from people around…

On the contrary,

toddler in plane

toddler in plane

Our flight was only four hours but it was smooth – Benjamin either listened to music (he did not like any of the movies shown) or spent time coloring ALL the pages of the coloring book and slept until landing.

transit in Colombo

My worries sounded ridiculous. And I feel so lucky to have another trooper traveler under my wings! Now I have two who will take care of me when I get sick on the plane! LOL

Arrival in Male

Male is just an hour and a half from Colombo, much like Manila to my home town down south of the Philippines. But then our destination is still far ahead and we need to take another flight, this time, via sea plane for 45 minutes!

sea plane

It was raining in Male when we arrived but we didn’t mind. It was in fact, a refreshing welcome.

photo 4 (2)

We arrived at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resort and Spa (review of this amazing resort coming up soon) just before noon and can’t believe what we saw. Paradise. Heaven. Perfection. No words, really. (and the weather was glorious)

Iru Fushi Maldives

I can’t write all the details in this one blog post because I would be busy soaking in all this beauty. For the meantime, I post updates on Twitter (follow @sandierpastures), Instagram for visuals and little more than 140 characters snippets on my blog’s Facebook page. See you there!


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