A little update on the kids

P and B

Small update on the kids. Ramadan, which started more than two weeks ago, has dramatically changed the way Benjamin rolls with regards to his nap time. He used to sleep at around 12 noon and wake up at 2:30 pm before he and his care taker go down to meet Pristine from the school bus.

Now that big sister is home for the school holidays, the tot just refuses to sleep. Because, duh, who wants to sleep when you have all the fun?

So by the time they finish playing and watching Harry Potter again and again (on some days it’s Alice in Wonderland – he has memorized all the characters!), Benjamin passes out in the sofa at around 5 pm and sleeps for 2 hours. When it’s our usual bed time at 9 pm, he’s so perky like he has drank a bottle of Red Bull!

The result? I’ve been sleeping late than I like lately. Around midnight and if you now how dysfunctional I am beyond 10 pm, this is big deal for me. I’ve been walking around like a zoombie in the living room in the morning in an attempt to do my daily workouts. I have skipped some but thankfully because our work time during Ramadan is only until 2 pm, I can be home earlier and do it. I hate skipping to mark and ‘x’ on my workout schedule because I am OC like that.

So, too many late nights has taken its toll on me and my daughter saw it. She told me, “mama, you can go ahead and sleep and I’ll take care of Benjamin until he runs out of batteries!”

And I did! And she did! At 1 am last night, she went into the bedroom with her little brother sleeping in her arms. I feel so, so blessed! (it’s just the three of us now because the husband is away on a biz trip)

Speaking of Pristine, her stitches, the one that resulted from a freak accident at school, has been removed and now she has this scar near her right eye. She used to be so conscious about it but then was told by my friend Sheila (who’s also close to Pristine) that she is the girl who lived! Pristine loves (is obsessed with everything) Harry Potter so that actually helped her cope up with her insecurities. Thanks, Sheila!

That said, today is my last day at work before we leave for vacation to the Maldives. I have not finished packing and have a lot of worries in my mind. I do not like myself like this. I want to be a warrior not a worrier! 


  1. You shouldn’t worry at all — vacation time is close by šŸ™‚ Pristine is a very sensible young lady , you’re very lucky! šŸ™‚
    I wonder what it’s like to work till 2pm only for Ramadan — that must be super!
    Have fun in the Maldives. Btw, I started Insanity because I was inspired by you! I’m at the end of week 2 however skipped 2 days now due to a nasty flu šŸ˜¦



    1. OMG Jean, you don’t need to do anything! You already have a bikini body!

      Thanks for the well wishes on our upcoming trip!

      About working until 2pm or 3pm for other people, well it has its good side and bad side. Good side is, yeah, short work hours and we can go home and sleep or do whatever we like (I do my workouts when I get home). But now, Ramadan is in summer and it is very hot to go outside at 2pm. I usually stay until 4 pm to do my personal stuff after work: blog, reply to emails, etc.

      It would be great if Ramadan is in the cooler months then I can take the kids to the park. Well, ramadan dates go 10 days backward (did you know that? most don’t hehe)…so it started June 29 this year, it would start around June 19 in 2015 and so on…then Ramadan will fall on the cooler months…and it would be great! That is, if we are still in Dubai by that time! šŸ™‚



  2. Have a wonderful holiday like you said be a warrior not a worrier! hehehe we are leaving soon too for holidays back in Malaysia and needless to say no packing has been done yet I guess will wait for the very last day to do it which is next monday! Take care Grace & family and enjoy the break!



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