Perfect time for the beach!

Jumeirah open beach

It’s the weekend again tomorrow and I remember, it’s going to be a week since we went to the beach. We had a long weekend last week so my brother who lives in Abu Dhabi came over and my sister too (she lives in Dubai as well). My brother had been bugging us to go to the beach for the longest time as he is tired of his everyday view of the endless desert and camels at his work site. I can’t believe we waited until May to go. The temperature is hitting the 40’s (Celcius) at mid-day already!

Solution? Get up early and go to the beach while the sun is not too fierce yet. And the beach is not too crowded!

Never mind the smallest member of the family is still in his pajamas!

babe in pajama

As soon as he changed into his swimming costume, he run into the water as fast as he could!

beach babes

 These children love the water so much, there’s no doubt they are my children.

What is nice about going to the beach here early in the morning (we were there before 8 am by the way and headed home at 9:30!) is that the water is calm, clean and the tide is low…which means little ones can play in the water and mommy can relax a bit. And of course, there’s our highly qualified baby sitter/uncle always to the rescue so mommy can swim! (or take photos!)

alain and ben on the beach

 What we love about the beach here (particularly in Jumeirah open beach near the Burj Al Arab) is that the sand is super fine, there are no rocks to step on or seaweeds (yuck). Here’s Pristine on the pristine beach. You can actually see your whole body underwater as the water is very, very clear.

pristine beach 2

 The water temperature was perfect. It felt sooo good to be in the water. I didn’t want to get out…but if I won’t, I would be toast and with my skin color, you would’t be able to see me after sunset!

grace beach 3

The water is so clean there are school of fishes around us, even in the shallow waters. Benjamin was so thrilled to be in the water seeing the fishes around. I risked taking my phone without waterproof cover/case so I can take photos of our fun day at the beach.

ben covering p face 2

I think Benjamin is being naughty and deliberately covering big sister’s face!! 

Tomorrow, it’s Friday again. If we lived nearby, it would be the beach again. This public, open beach in Jumeirah is at least 30 minutes drive away from where we live. 

close to water 2

 So tomorrow, I think we may just stay at home. But this shot? It made me really want to have that Life Proof waterproof case!

* Word of caution though: I saw some small jellyfishes even in the shallow waters (also blue ones – they were beautiful!). Take care when you go swimming! It’s pretty clear to see what’s underwater so be cautious. They weren’t many, maybe 3 but it still scared me a bit, especially with the children with us. Maybe better to know first aid in case of a jellyfish sting? Time to Google…

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Ahh I need summer once more !! 🙂 I’ve a silly question , been wondering about the beach – the sand looks so fine and the waters so clear! Is the beach natural or man-made? I thought to ask because I know Dubai or UAE can pretty much create anything (snow, biggest structures, etc) 🙂



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