Between the grass and the clear blue skies

park at lunch break

Lately a work colleague and I have been spending my lunch break at a small park behind our office building. We only have 30 minutes of break – it used to be an hour but then it was shortened in exchange for off on Saturdays but I’ll take a short lunch break to be able to spend two consecutive days of weekend at home.

Dubai weather is great right now, with temperature that is warm enough to not wear a jacket outside (we do wear a jacket outside in the winter months, believe it or not!) and not hot. It’s the Goldilock’s weather we have here, just right. The sky is cloudless and blue.

looking at the sky

There is gentle wind and sound of chirping birds in the tree (bird, don’t poop on me!). I remember the laid back life while growing up in the Philippines. It’s the same weather, the same wind.

sky 2

I lied down, looking at sky. And I felt so good. So free, so liberated. Then I remember, I’ve been a big sky watcher before. Why did I stop looking up? It’s a very peaceful thing to do. I often lose myself looking at the seemingly endless sky. It feels very comforting and calming just looking up, forgetting the time.

You should do it, too. Sometimes.

My female work colleague told me not to lie down as not to draw attention to myself, our office being just a few meters away. And that “people are looking, they might think you’re a whack job lying down on the grass”.

sky gazing

But such vastness. Immense space. I could care less. Strange how everything below can have chaos and pain while above the sky is peace, sweet blue gentleness. What a therapeutic thing to do, I bet I can only do this a few weeks more before Dubai’s real deal summer starts.

And suddenly I feel the 30 minutes of break was long enough.

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