Gourmet Cooking Class at Benjarong

Thai cooking class

Sometime last week, I got a random email saying I’ve won a place in a cooking class at Benjarong Thai Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel. I’ve been to a cooking class before, at Amita’s Cooking School in Bangkok so I was really looking forward to it. Plus, I really, really love Thai food. 

* Top photo is satay sauce we made at the cooking class in Bangkok

I first visited Benjarong in 2011 – just a day after I got back from a bloggers’ trip in Thailand. I missed the food so much I just needed to have it again. I was stubborn. Also, I was pregnant that time so the craving (I didn’t know I was already pregnant that time). If you have not been to Benjarong Thai Restaurant, it’s highly recommended. It’s definitely more pricey that what you’ll ever have in Bangkok or in any other Thai restaurant here in Dubai but the restaurant offers authentic Thai flavors and have withstood the test of time. They’ve been here for 13 years now. You’ll love even the ambiance as the teak woods will make you feel you’re in Thailand.

Here are some photos during the cooking class:

Benjarong Cooking Class

Now, I couldn’t say much about the cooking class except that there was only 1 stove for a group of 5 or 6. And frankly, this style only works when no one hogs the stove to himself/herself! If only all members consciously give each other a chance to participate even if it means just to make a quick stir for 3 seconds each! (Because attending a cooking class to just stand there and watch is not my idea of a cooking class – of course I could have been more proactive but it was really difficult to interrupt the very eager participant!)

We made three dishes: a glass noodle salad, Thai Green Curry and water chestnut with iced coconut water and coconut milk (now this, you’ve got to order when you go to Benjarong!)

Glass noodle salad

The cooking class lasted for two hours. I’m grateful for the chance, the chef (and her staff) was really nice – Thai people are known for their warm hospitality and humor and she was no exception. But if you’re a cooking enthusiast that would love to do a more interactive cooking class, this may not be for you. I myself would prefer a cooking class where each participant has his/her own stove and ingredients (like the pair cooking experience at SCAFA in JLT here and in the cooking school in Bangkok) and all sit down later on to eat what they made or cross taste (taste what the other members came up). 

It was fun though and I met a very interesting lady who’s into food styling. She showed me her work, meekly saying, “I only keep this in my phone”. The lady needs to seriously start a blog!

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