Thinking of coming to Dubai in summer?

Dubai summer

Hello, people back from the weekend! Well, at least we Dubai/UAE/GCC people are back at our desks tackling this thing called work. We also count down to the weekend on our free time. Heh. It’s only 4 days away!

We had a very lovely weekend spent outside of Dubai, an hour and a half drive out into the emirate of Abu Dhabi – perfect weather and just great time with the family. More on that in the next post!

Speaking of the weather, Friday and Saturday was cloudy but today, the blue skies and blaring sun is back. Summer is truly creeping in. Sigh. Dubai…where the season always skip spring!

Some of my friends who are still freezing in Japan are thinking of coming to Dubai this year but have so many questions and doubts whether they’ll live to survive the desert heat. I always say, it’s definitely survive-able (see, I’m still here!). Dubai, the Middle East (not Middle Earth) in summer? Don’t look at me like that because I assure you, it’s ok, you might even love it and learn a lot from the experience and yes, you can go back home in one piece without melting. I promise.

Here are some things about coming to Dubai in summer – interesting things to tell your friends back home. 

1. You can travel light! T-shirts, shorts, flip flops, bikinis. That is all.

2. Guaranteed tan. For free. And sauna too.

3. You will have the beach all to yourself (if you can handle it).

4. You can break sprint records in finding a temperature controlled place 5 seconds after you step outside.

5. Your pale feet will thank you. Leave your socks at home, time to expose your clammy feet in the sun!

6. You will become more environment conscious and start to lobby against global warming. The nearly 50C (115F) temps will teach you that.

7. You’ll know the real definition of superficial, denial and suicidal: Superficial is when you’re sipping hot coffee inside the cold cafe, denial means dreading the hot reality beyond that door and suicidal means sipping hot coffee al fresco…

8. You’ll know the real definition of ‘irony’ when you hold on to your jackets inside the wintery cold malls and offices when it’s nearly 50C outside.

9. You might be able to produce your own reality show entitled: “Survivor: heat seeker series”

10. You really should come, because, where else can you experience hell on Earth?

Disclaimer: Hellish Dubai is available for limited time only. Please don’t ask me what I am doing here and why we continually live here (welcoming our 8th summer!) when I make it look like it’s unbearable because actually, it is not. When summer is over, Dubai has Goldilocks weather! Not too hot, not too cold but just right! You can start to feel the real pangs of summer by end of May, by the way and lasts till about mid-October. Hotel rates are generally lower during the hot months too, if that can entice you to come!

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