As if passport photos are not horrible enough

photo studio

At the photo studio last night.

Me: Passport size ID photo, please.

Lady: Which passport?

* Apparently, the size, focus, position of face and background color differs from country to country.

Me: Japanese passport.

Lady: (puzzled looks and studied me closely) You mean, visa? Japanese visa?


Lady: Madam, passport and visa are two different things…

*cue horror music*

I imagine having to deal with this every time I renew my passport. Thankfully, it’s only every ten years!

Top photo credit


  1. She’s probably be thinking, your eyes are larger than what is “normally” Japanese…Tsk, people should stop relying on stereotypes and keep an open mind. And, it would be better if they just do what you asked them, no questions asked when you were already so specific.



    1. Always stereotyped, yes. And I would expect more when I travel especially after that Malaysian Airlines missing plane and passengers with stolen passports!



      1. Hopefully not! Sigh, where’s that plane now? For something so big, and with all the technologies developed for flying, radars, and satellites, it is still missing.


  2. I had a similar experience a month back at lulu hypermarket. I asked “where can I get reusable diapers”, the salesperson said “diapers are in the ground floor, ma’am”, then said “no, I mean cloth diapers”, she said “cloth is over there”… again I said “reusable diapers made of cloth”… she replied “oh, washable diapers are over there”!!!



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