Dad is home on the weekends

family weekend

Do you have that habit of questioning things when they are too good to be true? I do, even when I really shouldn’t. 

My workaholic husband’s work schedule has changed since the beginning of March (this year, 2014). No more night shifts; coming home at 2 or 3 am when everyone is asleep. Sunday-Thursday work schedule just like mine. Friday-Saturday day off, just like mine. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure how to react to it (there was even a point I dreaded about it because he is not the friendliest when he is stressed and tired) – the kids and I, we are not used to having him home on the weekends because he was always out working and late night work shifts on weekdays was often. We managed to function as a family of three instead of four, for years. I was like a single mother.

And somehow I had to be ok with that.

I have more than 3,000 photos on my iPhone and maybe only 1% of that has the father of my children in it. He just wasn’t there.

Enter March 2014 and he’s at home when we wake up on a Friday morning – it’s a different feeling and even the kids are confused. “Why is papa here?” I told my daughter about her father’s change of schedule and also said, “no questions, let’s just enjoy the moment.”

family weekend

So far, we’ve spent two weekends straight as a happy family. We took the kids out for lunch and to the park, like how two real parents normally do. I was juggling both the mom and the dad role alone for years and for a change, now someone gets to carry the heavy diaper bag or the sleeping toddler.  I look at my children and thought, while they were happy and ok before with just mom, these little ones need their father.

And now, they have one. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

So this is what a normal family weekend feels. This past couple of years, I’d forgotten what is ‘normal’.


  1. Totally can relate to that Grace! I feel the same too when my hubby often works late and out during weekends..and when he gets to be home with the kids late last year till’s such a me n kids!

    Cheers to a whole new beginning and adventures as a foursome complete adventurers!



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