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ipad photography

When I was in Thailand in 2011 and in Turkey in 2013 for a blogger’s trip, I regretted not being able to share my photos online as soon as I wanted to. My phone had no internet connection in Thailand so I had to wait to get back to the hotel to update and while I had internet connection while in Turkey, my phone always died on me. (Why did I not think about bringing a power bank or portable charger?) We were lent an iPad with 3G connection during the tour but let’s all admit it, the photo quality of the iPad leaves a lot to be desired!

One of the bloggers had a point and shoot camera that was WiFi ready and she was sharing away her photos on social media in (almost) real time.  The photo quality was better than that of an iPad photo and she’s sharing her experience with her followers and blog readers like she has taken them with her on the trip.


I need to get one of those!

nikon 5300

But I am not that fond of the WiFi-ready camera brand available that time in the market. I wanted something more. I know I am not alone in my secret desire. Right outside, the universe and Nikon heard my secret wish by launching the Nikon D5300: an SLR camera that ticks all the right boxes for the creative enthusiast photographer and boasts some impressive specifications, has both Wi-Fi and GPS built in, so users can geotag images, send pictures to a smartphone/tablet and even wirelessly control the camera from a smart device via the free Nikon WMU app was born.

* The Wi-Fi feature means you can transfer photos to a smartphone or tablet and upload to social media without waiting until you get home.

With this camera, travel blogging (or simply travel) will never be the same again as the user can share photos on the go and right there and then.

Nikon held a contest for a chance to win the new camera a couple of weeks ago. All that’s needed to be done was to go to their I Heart Nikon exhibit at Dubai Mall, take a photo of the “Nikon Heart” and submit. Creative pics will win a new Nikon D5300. This is the “Nikon Heart” with different sizes of screens fused together to form a heart. It makes a 360 degree slow turn. (This is not what I submitted as contest entry)

Nikon heart

The new Nikon D5300 cameras were up for everyone to sample at the Dubai Mall booth (near the Waterfall) where anyone can take a photo and then that photo will show on the ‘heart’ screen and you get to print it out and keep for yourself as well. It was a popular spot when we were there with everyone excited to try out the new camera with cool features and of course, to see their photos on the big screen.

Nikon heart

The above photo is us, by the way, when it was our turn on the biggest screen at the center of the heart.

Nikon heart

We took another photo. Because we’re shameless like that.

Nikon heart

What a great campaign initiative to create a buzz over a new product. Way to go, Nikon!

Back to the contest – to be honest, the rules were simple. Too simple actually that it became difficult (LOL) – how on earth can one get creative with a very simple subject? But I had fun taking photos of the Nikon heart and had thought of many creative things to do with it. There are so many perspectives, angles, effects that made the Nikon heart a very interesting subject, as simple as it is.

I finalized my entries, sent and whispered, “Universe, you know I want this. Do your thing!”

Luckily, one of my entries got lucky and I won the new Nikon D5300 camera!! I was so excited this morning that I kept on bumping into things, being clumsy and just falling here and there.

Huge thanks to Nikon Middle East & Africa for the contest and the wonderful prize! ‘Like’ Nikon ME on Facebook  or follow Nikon ME on Twitter for fab photography tips and tricks and future promotions!

This really made my day and I look forward to the weekend so I’ll leave for now, off to study how to use my new camera! (Expect a review of the camera plus my experiences with it in the future posts!)

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  1. Okay, I will say I’m officially totally and completely paint-me-green jealous that you actually won this incredible camera!! I’ve been trying to win one of these (when I say one I mean a DSLR but this Nikon sounds AMAZING) for months to years now to no avail *sad panda Kayla*

    Especially after my point and shoot just broke on me o.O

    That jealousy out of the way, I’m SO happy for you!! That looks like it was a really fun contest to enter 🙂



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