First Dubai rain in 2014

rain in dubai

I heard someone squeal in the office corridor, near the window. You’d think someone jumped from inside the building. But now, it’s just rained in Dubai and one of the lady employees shrieked.

Rain doesn’t happen often so it is welcomed with so much joy. And this kind of weather lands in the front news.

It’s also cold…but only because we are all under-dressed. We put on some sweater/cardigan and that’s it. It’s either too hot to put on a real winter jacket or it looks ridiculous, especially if the sun is back 10 minutes after the rain. Still you can see people walking around in leather jackets!

I got wet yesterday as I didn’t have an umbrella…who carries an umbrella when the sun is shining 330 days in a year? The rest 35 days are either cloudy, sandstorm and a little chance of rain.

rain in dubai

It’s been raining but not like the rain in November 2012.

Then with rain comes puddles and flooding in some parts of the city and of course, traffic. Last night took a longer drive home and I wondered if the traffic lights were shorter than usual or was there any accident on the roads but no, nothing. People just drive differently when it rains here.

And with colder weather comes the flu season too – first Benjamin was sick, then I was sick and suddenly I wasn’t sick anymore and Pristine is sick. Then the nanny got sick and the nanny is well again. But Pristine is still sick so we went to a third doctor and she must have taken the right meds this time because she didn’t bark that much last night.

rain in dubai

I love the rain but I think it’s time for the sun to come back. The office is too cold (I don’t understand the need to turn up the aircondition when it’s not that hot outside), I’m done with the kids getting sick, especially if they are both blanket kickers and I’m done with the traffic, too.


  1. Unfortunately I think you will find people driving differently everywhere in the world when it rains or snows; it definitely happens here in the US. People really lose all sense!

    I’m sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with a bought of the flu o.O Feel better soon!



  2. Tell me about getting sick! Didn’t realize how much the extreme seasons in Dubai could make me sick all so suddenly. Was outside when it started to rain. Very seldom I get to enjoy the raindrops. 🙂



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