Happy New Year!

bye 2013 hello 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! How did you celebrate the New Year? Were you out to see the fireworks display from where you are?

Dubai grabbed the world record for the biggest fireworks display last night. I get asked, “Were you there?”

No, I wasn’t. One of our new year family traditions is to never leave the house empty as we welcome the new year so we were just at home. Come to think of it, I’ve never been outside at new year’s eve all my life!

Anyway, the fireworks was great, especially when you see it on the TV – in your comfy sofa, warm home (it’s cold outside right now at night here in Dubai), with a glass of bubbly.

Plus, you can see the show in ALL angles and without inhaling all that smoke!

Here’s a video of Dubai’s firework show as it attempts to break world records. (And of course, they were successful – it’s in the Guiness website: Dubai holds the record now for largest display of new year fireworks)

How was your New Year’s eve?


  1. Happy new year! I spent my new year inside the retail shop in the mall… working! lol. sucks to be me at the time. haha

    my friends went to Burj Khalifa for the fireworks and only found out about Palm Jumeirah’s fireworks display afterwards. Hopefully next year, I will be elsewhere, even just at home to celebrate it.

    Added you to my “Links” blogroll page. 🙂



  2. Happy 2014 Grace! All the best! It was just the kids and I, and both were very sleepy to appreciate the live-streamed fireworks show. Hubby was in the tallest tower on duty :p Haha, the irony of them not really seeing actually what was going on outside, but getting a good view of the Palm fireworks 😀 By 3am, driving back home still took an hour and a half as the roads were still full of revelers.



    1. That was my situation too – except this year. My husband is always on duty every Christmas/NY. He works at Dubai Mall and yes, even though he’s in THE location, he wasn’t able to see any of the firework show.

      So sorry your hubs has to endure the heavy traffic on the way home.

      Happy New Year to you and hope to finally meet you one of these days!



      1. Almost all the staff and bosses in BK spent the new year there…so, fair enough, lol! They too didn’t really see much of the fireworks in BK. Even if literally, they we’re there in the middle of it 😀

        One of these days we might manage to bump there in Dubai Mall. Hubby tries to bring us there whenever he can courtesy of the elder child – she’s nagging him, hahaha! “You’re always going there in BK, why you’re not bringing me?” “I want to visit the fishes again.” “The fountain wants to see me and it’s telling me to ride the boat.” LOL!!!


  3. Holy WOW, how cool would that be to actually be there and witness the breaking of the world record!? Although I do quite understand where you’re coming from; sometimes being home all nice and cozy with family or friends is the way to ring in the New Year 🙂

    I spent the evening with my boyfriend over at a friends house playing Cards against Humanity and just relaxing. It was perfect!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!



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