Working on Christmas day?

working on Christmas

Sorry for the lack of updates. Everyday, I promised myself to write just after I finish this work load but the time I finish the work load is only a few minutes before 6 pm when I needed to leave and go home. A few minutes to write a blog post when you’re mind is already fogged and thinking of only the commute and walk home and dinner? Yeah, that sort gets you nothing.

The plan to blog after work is a bad idea after all.

So now I’m going to wake up earlier and blog first before I dive to the depths of my work desk. I will surface again at sundown.

The thing is, Christmas is coming. Right, the merriest of holidays. Truth is, I have been working every year on Christmas day (December 25th). It is not a holiday here in Dubai, it’s a Muslim country after all. Same case in non-Christian Japan where we previously lived before relocating here. Christmas in the Philippines (where I was born and grew up)? The word festive would be an understatement. We start our Christmas countdown in September (no kidding). We stay up late on Christmas eve and eat at midnight when the clock strikes 12 midnight and the date changes. We have fireworks outside. I was in for a shock on my first Christmas in Japan because, nothing happens outside on Christmas night in Japan.

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This year, my seventh Christmas in Dubai, I want to be home on the 25th so I have been working double time so I can make my boss say yes to a day off on Christmas day. Thus the lack of energy to post a blog at sundown.

Top photo credit by Huffington Post

What have you all been up to? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Because I have not started at all – who wants to freak out with me?


  1. Aww, I feel for you. Hope you get that one day break. It can be lonely when you see others having fun. Hehehhe…I’m kinda immune now though because back in Pinas when I was still in BPO we were working too during holidays 😀



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