Welcome, two-day weekend at last!


I have a personal win: starting next week, I will be having TWO days off every week! After almost seven years of having only Fridays as off from work, I am so happy with this news. This is definitely something I have been praying for, for a long time now!

Most of Dubai expats have Fridays and Saturdays off (even schools have these two days as weekend) but some unfortunate souls like myself only have one full day off, Friday.

It’s nice to have that one extra day, a sort of recovery day for when we go out and get tired on Fridays. As a mom working full time, I am just so thrilled to be able to spend one more extra day with my kids.

Thank God for answered prayers, even if it took seven years!


Speaking of win

The year 2013 is almost coming to an end. Can we just collectively scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “where did the time go?” I know, just when I perfected writing “2013” instead of “2012”, another new year begins. Time flies, it’s scary sometimes.

I had set up some goals at the start of the year: keeping fit (more on that in another post), spending time with my children and saving. We are a family who eat out about once a week and it’s good to know we can do that while still save money. How? By using The Entertainer vouchers! They’re fab 2 for 1 deals for restaurants we love and I highly recommend it for all, especially for families.

I’m happy to announce that two people will be saving more in 2014 – Congratulations to Mona and Insiya for winning the mobile version of The Entertainer 2014!

Thank you for everyone who joined the contest!

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