LG G2 The Lab

LG G2 stage

“Was that you in a 7 minute LG video ad in YouTube?”

There’s no escaping. I’ve been found.

A couple of weeks back, I was standing at a tv studio, about to tape a promotional segment for LG’s new G2 smart phone. I’m a shy person and being video-ed is the last thing I want to find myself in but honestly? I thought it would be a breeze, fun, fast and most importantly, easy. Just sit there, answer a few questions and it’s done.

When I saw the stage setup, I asked myself, “Oh my God, what have I done? Earth, you can swallow me now!” I wanted to back out. The studio had all those roving cameras, blinding lights – the stuff you find in proper, real television studios. And it was too late to back out.¬†It was enough to make my stomach turn. My friend Mio teased me while I texted her back and forth to reduce my panic, “Is there a makeup squad?”

Yes, there was! The makeup artist worked her way to make me look tv-worthy, skin, eyebrows, fake eyelashes and all. Grace makeup for LG

I had a script with me, which I crammed to memorize on the train on my way to the shoot location only to be told by the host, Kris Fade (a famous radio celebrity here in Dubai), “I don’t work with scripts! I will ask you questions and you will answer casually. Relax, it’s simple. This is gonna be fun!”

Oh well, the words “relax” and “simple” and “fun” obviously didn’t do it for me. I was nervous and very jittery. I wasn’t able to hide it. I still cringe when I remember how I felt that day. And for a 10 minute segment? We had to shoot for like an hour.

Ok, enough with the talk, here’s the final cut of the shoot I did for LG to promote their newest smart phone, the LG G2 (nifty phone that’s fast and beautiful..see my LG G2 review here).

I hate my voice on the radio but I hate to see my face more on video! Plus – who said TV will add 10 pounds? I feel like 50 pounds of weight has been added on me (plus it’s obvious I was so tense).

But to those who say I am not fat in this video are all invited for ice cream party at my house. Eat all you can!


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