Pool time in November

oasis pool and bar

Thank you to all who read yesterday’s post about blogging and vulnerability. I got all of your emails of concern and I’ll reply to it one by one. Thank you, again.

Lately, I feel that I’m going through a bit of depression and I’m battling to find out why. Fatigue? Pressure at work? Weaning challenges with my son? Hormones? Maybe there was something I ate, I told my sister. She vehemently replied, NO! It was something you didn’t eat!

So I went out and bought my stash of Lindt.

It made me feel better.


Then I remember that last week I listened to someone venting out her marriage woes, the eventual separation and how she is coping up. When you’re married and hear about marital problems from others, it’s very easy to mirror it to your own. And you’ll think, everyone is putting up a brave front and fighting their own secret battles, even if they look very ok up front you wouldn’t even guess something was wrong.

Anyway, it was good that we were given a day off for the Islamic holiday. I usually work on Saturdays but not this week. Instead, I took the kids to the pool.

Oasis Pool and Bar

Nothing like a cold dip in the pool to shake things off, even temporarily. And hearing the laughter of my kids always, always cheer me up.

pool at mill

or a cold drink by the pool. I think I needed the break more than they did.

Oasis Pool and Bar

Dubai is teeming with beach clubs and pools (inside hotels you can access even without room reservations) – most are not cheap and others, overrated. The Oasis pool at Millennium Airport Hotel is honest to goodness worth your time and penny – great food at Gozo Garden restuurant + pool access. Gozo Garden is serving international buffet and the food is really good (I won’t say this if they’re not even if they offered me free stuff – this is an honest review) so with the price of food plus pool access, the place is perfect for families with kids, visitors and for you, the tired big city resident who needs an escape from the usual day to day hustle.

Will we go back? Now that we tried it, it’s a big YES! And you should go too!

You can find Oasis Pool and Bar at The Millennium Airport Hotel in Casablanca Street, Garhoud. Enjoy their great Friday Double Munch Brunch (especially if you’re fond of seafood) at only 149 dhs (50% off for kids 5-12 years old) includes access to the marvelous pool. Saturday lunch buffet is 99 dhs (50% off for kids 5-12 years old)

Pool access on weekends (Fri/Sat) is 115 dhs for adults and 85 dhs for children (but Friday brunchers don’t need to pay separate for pool). Weekday pool access is only 85 dhs for adults and 45 dhs for kids.

‘Like’ them on Facebook to know about the latest promotions or follow them on Twitter.


  1. We all have our days and are entitled to it…especially us women ((^_)). I hope you feel better soon! But I think it’s hard to feel low for a long time if you have the most adorable, happy children. hang in there!

    I saw the Millennium pool last week at night time and looks really inviting!



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