The UAE Dolphin Project

dolphin sighting

Do you love dolphins? (Who doesn’t)

If you do love dolphins, you will love them more if you know that they play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. Being at the top of the marine food chain, together with other species such as sharks and top marine predators, they are “Ecological Indicators” of the status of the sea.

The presence of a healthy dolphin population means that the marine environment can sustain them and therefore is in good condition.

Healthy dolphins = enough fish / no contaminants = healthy marine environment

The UAE Dolphin Project aims to investigate the local dolphin population along the Dubai coastline to provide scientific baseline information and raise public awareness. The ultimate goal of the UAE Dolphin Project is to promote the conservation of dolphin species and the local marine environment.

In connection to that, the Dubai Marina Yacht Club (DMYC) is supporting the UAE Dolphin Project, by sponsoring a berthing space for the project research boat.

UAE dolphin project

To celebrate the arrival of the research boat, Dubai Marina Yacht Club hosted a small family event last weekend which featured educational discussion about the project, live cooking stations, face painting and dolphin themed games.

uae dolphin project 1

The UAE Dolphine project strongly believes that every successful conservation program stands on strong education and public awareness programs. If people know the facts then they will understand the importance and actively support an initiative that protects species and their environment.

You love what you care for, you care for what you know.

I’m supporting this project and will post updates every now and then. I’ll be on the research boat soon and will live tweet (follow me on Twitter here) the experience and blog about it of course.


    1. I had a chance to swim with dolphins once and that was really amazing! By touch they are like made from warm rubber 🙂 You should try it if you had a chance



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