Benjamin is two!

ben is two 2

Yesterday, someone turned two years old.

This is the part where parents say the cliche, “I can’t believe he’s two already!” but no, I so feel it. This is real. He is two. Yesterday he was a baby and I can hold all of him in my arms. Today he is two. Tomorrow he might be 18 and go out that door to date his girlfriend. My boy is growing up, much too fast.

How does this happen? Where does the time go? Someone stop the ride! But the truth is: you cannot stop the ride. You can only hope to slow it down a little to enjoy it for as long as possible.   You look once and your children are small and look to you for everything. Then, within the blink of an eye, you are waving to them as you drop them off for their first year of college.  I am actually holding back tears now just thinking about it.

Happy birthday, Benjamin. The little guy who takes a very big space in mama’s heart.


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy 🙂 Hope he grows into a healthy young man who makes you proud, but at a slow enough pace to make you enjoy and be there at every step.



  2. Happy birthday, little man! I completely disagree with the “Terrible Twos” mentality. two-year olds are a lot more fun since they are more mobile and independent that they were a year ago.

    Enjoy every moment with your sweet boy!



    1. I didn’t experience the “terrible two’s” stage with Pristine. Ben is now two and he’s a very good boy! 🙂
      (if I say so myself as his mom!)



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